West Australian write up on the Freo Heritage Festival today

The West Australian did a nice write up on the Freo Heritage Festival today including a bit on the event I am event running called:
Heritage on Bikes: Mayor’s Cycle Tour of the Big Decisions That Changed Fremantle.

It is on Sunday at 2pm under the town hall clock


Ride down Freo’s memory lane

Phoebe Wearne, The West AustralianMay 24, 2013, 6:01 am
Ride down Freo s memory laneAlex Marshall (City of Fremantle), left, Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and George Stevenson (owner of the vintage bikes).

Picture: Ian Munro/The West Australian


If a casino had been built next to Fremantle train station and the Esplanade Hotel had been replaced by a multistorey steel tower, for better or for worse, it would have changed the face of Fremantle.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt will reveal just how close the casino and other failed projects came to being a reality when he leads his first cycle tour around the port city on Sunday.

The tour is part of the 20th annual Fremantle Heritage Festival, which runs from today to June 3 and will have vintage prams, about 200 rare motorcycles and traditional dancers take to the streets.

“We’ve got more stories in Fremantle than the rest of Perth put together, so the festival is a great time to celebrate those stories and maybe work out which ones of them are true,” Dr Pettitt said.

The new Freopedia project, which lets people take a virtual tour of Fremantle’s most significant heritage buildings and sites using their smartphones, will be launched as part of the festival.

Next Saturday, the Vintage Motorcycle Club of WA will do a commemorative ride to celebrate Arthur Grady, a local bicycle maker who was the first person to ride a motorbike around Australia, in 1924.

The display will include motorbikes more than 100 years old and a replica of the bike Grady used.

Other highlights include the WA Day pioneers lunch, a Jewish walking tour of the West End and a coach tour of Aboriginal heritage sites. For more information, visit fremantle.wa.gov.au/festivals.

About Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt's blog
City of Fremantle Mayor

15 Responses to West Australian write up on the Freo Heritage Festival today

  1. Kel Smith says:

    Hi Brad,

    On the subject of Cultural” Heritage”.

    Please refer Carriage Coffee Shop “last 5 year lease”option available this year.

    The approved Esplanade Reserve Master Conservation Plans requires a” secure tenure of lease” for the Carriage Coffee Shop as the approved Catering Facility for the Esplanade Reserve

    Will you agree to support and submit a proposal to the CEO to increase the lease period from 5 to 10 years minimum total when the City requests our approval of the “last” 5 year option? This request is expected this week.

    The Fremantle Council CEO and Officers were instructed to prepare the Implementation of the Infrastructure Management Plan,Events Management Plan,Parks Management Plan and Heritage Plan 4 years ago on the 22nd April 2009 and for some reason these critical items which are the foundation of future security of the reserve these were “not done”.

    The current Major changes to the Esplanade Reserve including the Skate Plaza,removal of the” Saved” Mound etc are being carried out with no due respect to the Master Plan requirements noted above.

    This is as good a reason as any to show concern about the Secure lease of the Carriage Coffee Shop and an opportunity for you to show your Authority as the Mayor of Fremantle to put this issue to rest.

    I await your response on this website.

    Thank you
    Kel Smith
    The Carriage Coffee Shop
    Esplanade Reserve

    • Kel
      I’d have to see the staff report on this before jumping to any conclusions. Happy to discuss once that has happened.
      cheers, Brad

      • Kel Smith says:

        Hi Brad
        I have Emailed you a copy of the Letter from the FCC Corporate Director Glen Dougal “today”.

        He advised he would request an answer from me in writing on the “final “5 year option late April (last month).

        I have not received this letter to date.

        As the current Mayor of Fremantle we request that “you” engage with FCC CEO,Staff and Councillors and “save” this Historical,Cultural,Significant Fremantle Icon. and “you” submit a request for a Council Agenda Item requesting a minimum of an “extra” 5 year option for this Catering facility.

        AS a stake holder on the Esplanade Reserve we have been “excluded” from the “current” final detail design of the Youth Skate Plaza and are concerned about this and decisions made by the chosen few who are involved.

        Would you please advise the names of the key people running this workshop and include me in the group?

        The Carriage Coffee Shop was saved by a petition of 13,000 signatures and approved as the Catering Facility for the Esplanade Reserve by FCC in the Esplanade Reserve Master/Conservation Plan of the 22nd April 2009.

        The Resolution stated that: “TheCarriage Cafe is considered by Council as enhansing Esplanade Reserve facilities and Community Assets and as such should stay in it`s current location”
        ” A report be bought back to Council regarding the lease arrangements that will secure the tenure of the Carriage Cafe”

        Brad, your own past history in relation to the lead up to that Resolution of 2009 and “subsequent lease conditions “leaves us with grave concerns that you will not support an extension of the Carriage Coffee Shop (cafe) lease.

        Please act now, in the interests of a huge majority of the community,Brad.

        I`m sure the Public will await your response here “on this blog” in earnest also

        Thank you
        Kel Smith
        The Carriage Coffee Shop
        Esplanade Reserve

      • Kel
        I support my directors advice on this. I think a five year extension is appropriate at this stage giving you a total of six more years.
        Of course we can look at further extensions closer to the date or if you are planning major capital upgrades.
        cheers, Brad

  2. Kel Smith says:

    Hi Brad,

    The wording of your reply above “closer to the date” means ” 3 months from end of lease” and you know that!

    What you have agreed to is for the Carriage Coffee Shop to run to within the” FINAL THREE MONTHS OF IT`S LEASE LIFE”, giving the Mayor and Councillors and Staff the opportunity to “reject a lease extension” and request the Carriage Coffee Shop be “removed” from the Esplanade Reserve.

    This had been the aim of the City of Fremantle Council prior to the Master Plan/Conservation Plan of 2009

    You have refused to agree to a “SECURE TENURE OF LEASE”.

    The Carriage Coffee Shop has it`s own asthetic,cultural,,social,historical values which need to be preserved and “each year” costly preservation works are performed to maintain it`s pleasant presentation. Major Capital upgrades are an ongoing practice.

    Thank you
    Kel Smith

  3. Kel says:

    Hi Brad,

    Recent update Aprtil 2015

    We did later submit Renovations on the 28th Feb 2014

    In June 2014 you deferred a decision to approve renovations because you needed more information and caused undue stress until they were approved 4 months later in October 2014

    You then rejected a lease extension a month later in November 2014 on the grounds that the Esplanade Reserve Master Plan was in review and this review could require the removal/demolition of the Carriage Coffee Shop.

    This Esplanade Reserve Master Plan Review had been approved by Council in April 2013 yet you allowed us to spend tens of thousands of dollars in design and you attended a special Planning Meeting at our request to discuss your concerns knowing full well that you could kill off any chance of the refurbishment by rejecting the lease extension initially requested to pay for the renovations

    Why can`t you “now” be honest and admit that you are behind a concerted effort to get rid of the Carriage Coffee Shop from its current position under Norfolk Pines on the Esplanade Reserve?

    Your continued support for stalling,smokes and mirrors,and design by stealth are appaulling to every one out there.

    You accusations as the Mayor of Fremantle in Council recently in 2014 that my comments are rhetoric and conspiracy theories (to which i was not allowed to respond to) are once again being proven and I can say once again Brad “I told you so”

    You are treating us and the public with contempt and should resign!

    I look forward to your response and an explanation.

    Kel Smith
    The Carriage Coffee Shop
    Esplanade Reserve

    • Kel
      I understand you still have around 7 years to run on your current lease?
      As for you other conspiracy ridden claims, I think most sensible Freo ratepayers will see them for what they are and I refer to my previous responses to this.
      thanks, Brad

      • kel says:


        Oh come on Brad!

        The Carriage Coffee Shop, when it reopens after some plant and equipment upgrade in a weeks time,will have only 3 years and 11 months remaining on the lease.


        It expires in April 2019 as you and your mates know only too well and want it removed from its location under the Norfolk Pines.

        Please cut to the chase and admit it that your intentions are to remove The Carriage which will prove my claims that you had the audacity to call conspiracy theories in the Fremantle Council Chambers.

        You have continued to allow a small business to experience the bullying tactics of the Fremantle Council and created uncertainty and a stalemate and “all” of the residents and ratepayers of Fremantle are aware of this. Maybe your “sensible” Freo ratepayers as you call them, are just your mates with their Event Agendas who are in the minority anyway but very wealthy and powerful and appear to be taking over our City.

        They will have another battle to get that little area under the Pines Brad! The Public need it!

        Where is this Esplanade Reserve Master Plan Review Brad?

        The CEO advised it would be an Agenda item in Feb/Mar then April 2015.When will the Officers Recommendation and your input and that of the Elected Members (behind closed Doors at a Special meeting) be exposed to us?

        In the name of Transparency,Accountability,Public Consultation and adherence to the codes of Practice of the Fremantle City Council and as the Elected Mayor of the City of Fremantle you are obliged to perform your duties in a just and fair manner.

        The Fremantle Herald recently reported that the Elected Members of the Fremantle City Council are “smarting over their loss of the 2008/09 Campaign to Save the Carriage Cafe”

        There is a need for maturity here and to date it is lacking from the City`s point of view.

        The 102 year old Carriage Coffee Shop is Married to the Norfolk Pines root system after 35 years so if you continue with your intentions to remove it, the Carriage Structure will be need to be Demolished and the significant damage to the structural integrity to the Norfolk Pines will cause them be unstable and cause serious damage to the feeder toot system and to the health of the Pines.

        We request a meeting with you and CEO and our Lawyers to discuss a way around this stalling stalemate and create some certainty for the Carriage Cafe into the future with a secure tenure of lease so that we can move forward with some form of refurbishment of the Carriage Cafe at least.

        I understand Councillor Sullivan of South Fremantle Precinct is not happy with the Refurbishment Design. Also negative comments on the Cafe and the refurbishment have also been placed in the media by your friend and the present Convenor of the South Fremantle Precinct.
        No problems with people having a point of view but surely a “disclosure notice” would be in order?


      • Kel
        Thanks for clarifying. It is 4 years to run on the lease still which is substantial and gives us plenty of time to have a mature and considered look at the planning around the Esplanade and the best place for the carriage within that. The work on the masterplan is going well as I understand but Council is yet to see the final version of the consultant’s work

        I don’t know anyone who want to see the carriage demolished – so I’d suggest a deep breath at this point.

        if you wish to meet with the CEO then can you please email him.

        thanks, Brad

  4. Kel says:

    Wow Brad the Smoke begins to clear.

    Your comment that 4 years lease is “substantial” shows your ignorance of the running of a small business and your “arrogance” after firstly deferring the Renovations then approving them, then rejecting a lease extension to help pay for the $200,000 renovations.

    Now you divert any responsibility of the Review at all ,push it onto a “consultant” who will no doubt fullfil your end goal to remove the Carriage Cafe from under the Norfolk Pines wreck it and the Pines so that the wealthy powerful Event Promotors can take the last remaining portion of the Esplanade Reserve because that area is worth another 2,000 fee paying punters and another million bucks in their pockets.

    You were recenty appointed to the Board of the Heritage Council of WA .Would you please advise if the Consultant you refer to above,who is contracted to report on the Esplanade Reserve Master Plan Review, is the same consultant who prepared the recent Conservation and Heritage Plan which was the guiding document for the Esplanade Reserve Master Plan of 2009?

    The consultant who produced that report was also a senior member of the Heritage Council of WA Phil Griffiths of Phil Griffiths Architects.

    If the consultant is another entity please advise who they are. As a stakeholder we reserve the right for inclusion.


    Any discussions we have with the City and our Lawyers will require your presence with the CEO.

    I look forward to your response Brad.


  5. kel says:


    Seems in recent times, public consultation and its majority opinion, is not listened to by this Fremantle Council who make that final decision.

    Nows that`s not so confusing to us because the Ideologies of this current Fremantle City Council are not so hidden in the detail of these Plans.

    “Long way to go yet” you say. How long Brad?

    When will this 6 weeks of public consultation be presented to the Public or are you going to drag this one out for the next 3 years or so of the final Carriage Lease?

    Nasty stuff.

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