Below is the latest info on the Youth Plaza with mockup picture below. The construction of the world-class multipurpose facility will begin later this year.

The family-friendly facility, to be located in the south eastern corner of Fremantle’s Esplanade Reserve, is set to attract multiple user groups. The plaza will cater to the traditional wheeled sports of skateboarding, BMX and scooter riding but will also include Western Australia’s first outdoor parkour park and be inclusive of stage areas, seating and viewing areas.

Fremantle Mayor, Dr Brad Pettitt, said the youth plaza would create an inner-city hub for people of all ages to enjoy, would integrate well into the existing landscape and will become a feature of Fremantle for generations of families to enjoy.

“The final design makes the most of the available space to cater not only to skaters and active users of the plaza, but also to passive users, including families and visitors to the Esplanade for years to come,” he said.

“There has been a high level of community interest and media attention, culminating in a town hall meeting on 2 July where about 400 people attended.  The majority of votes were in favour of the youth plaza and its central location on the Esplanade.”

Skateboarding Australia WA State Manager, Ben Bowring, said the new youth plaza would complement and enhance the Fremantle Esplanade just as similar facilities have done for inner city locations around the world.

“Major cities around Australia and the world have skate parks in prime tourist locations because these facilities act to boost tourism and are genuine attractors of people. The youth plaza will do the same for Freo and attract families and young people from all over Australia,” Mr Bowring said.

“I’m very pleased with the final design which caters to all skill levels and all current park users from toddlers to retirees. No other community sporting facility caters to such a broad age range of users and encourages them to interact alongside each other in a positive way.”


Design features

The council selected their preferred design based on a broad community engagement process which included workshops and surveys. Construction of the youth plaza will begin later this year.

Stage one will consist of:

  • the world class skate park – catering for street and transition/bowl skaters of all abilities
  • WA’s first outdoor parkour park
  • a stage area for events and youth music gigs
  • landscaping (2,500sqm of grass, 30-35 new trees and garden beds)
  • a leafy promenade-styled footpath connecting the adjoining car park to the railway pedestrian crossing
  • lighting (for active and passive use)
  • a marine buoy  has been incorporated into the bowl design (as a link to Fremantle’s maritime heritage
  • Dismantle interaction (a local community bicycle workshop)
  • family ping pong area
  • seating and audience viewing areas.

Stage two will consist of a basketball quarter court and public BBQ area.

Youth plaza footprint

The total area of the youth plaza is 4,130sqm. This comprises 2,500sqm of landscaping and mounding and 30–35 new trees.

In response to community feedback and to minimise the loss of green space, concrete/hard surfaces now cover 1,630sqm, or approximately 2,000sqm less than designs released in March this year. The loss of green space now represents 4.5% of the overall reserve. These figures are explained in detail below.


  Area  (m²) *Percentage of overall reserve 
Skate area 1,045 2.9%
Pedestrian access 485 1.3%
Gravel ping pong area 100 0.3%
Total hardscape 1,630 4.5%
Turf/grassing 2,200 6.0%
Garden beds 300 0.8%
Total softscape 2,500 6.80%

*total area of Esplanade Reserve is 36,500sqm



The location of the youth plaza at the Esplanade Reserve was carefully considered based on being centrally located and highly visible, easily accessible (pedestrians and vehicles), integrating well with existing social and play facilities and the availability of nearby public toilets.

“The location of the youth plaza has been the hot topic in Fremantle since discussions first started last year,” Dr Pettitt said. “Based on the guiding principles for locating a facility such as this, there was only one location that ticked all the boxes and that was the Esplanade.

“There were alternate locations put forward, including the nearby car park, but these were simply not as good in terms of creating a great community facility with high levels of passive surveillance. The council is very comfortable with the location selected, as were the majority of voters in a recent electors meeting.”

youth plaza

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