Thanks to everyone who came down for the photo. We got the 76 people with bikes we needed to do a Freo version of the famous bike, bus, car footprint photo. Thanks to the Heart Foundation too for having the photos done in iconic West End Freo

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  1. Brad, do not forget the cars, we had to get up much earlier than you! How about some Freo photos?


    • Good on you for been there so early! I missed the car bit as (weirdly enough) I was doing a breakfast send off for a classis car rally across Australia that was starting in Freo.
      Did you get any photos? I’ll put them up. Heart foundation will send through final video and photos too.

      • Kel Smith says:

        A closer look at the cars could reveal the drivers have been shopping for groceries,white goods,tv`s etc and anything bigger than a hand bag.

        Not so surprising to most, is,Fremantle people still need these items too.

        Big job on a bike!

        The way things are going in Fremantle there will be only a few car parks left after Council has its way with its plans to demolish the major ones such as banister street /packenham street car park,the Spicer Site carpark (yes the one near the up market and pine shop) and Queensgate carpark to name a few.

        It is ironic that tonights Council meeting Draft Bike Plan Agenda item recommends “end of trip Bike Parks and facilities.”

        The sad fact is there are no shops left in Fremantle to buy white goods or a range of tv`s.They have all left Fremantle town over the past year or so.Any wonder why?

        Oh and by the way Brad,from how far awaydo you really expect mum dad and the kids to ride their bikes into Freo for shopping,and what do you think is a fair load for them to carry home?

        Brad its time for you to get off your bike,look around and view Fremantle and its “community as a whole” then stop pushing your own sustainability proposals/agendas on us.

        As Mayor of Fremantle your role is to guide policy not create it.

        I do hope you release this comment on your blog.


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