$100k to support the arts in Freo.

You might have read in the Fremantle Herald last week that there is new City of Fremantle funding to support the arts and arts organisations in Fremantle – $100,000 in fact!

In recognition that our arts and cultural are much loved and essential to what makes Fremantle as awesome as it is, it is essential we grow them and not lose them and this extra funding has the potential to strengthen Freo as a city of the arts.

City staff will be meeting with Arts organisations to speak with them about their needs and how best the money can be used to support arts and culture in Fremantle. This will take place over the next month. If you want to make sure you are spoken to let me know and I’ll pass on your details.

Speaking of great Freo arts – head to the Freo Arts Centre if you haven’t seen this great exhibition yet



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One Response to $100k to support the arts in Freo.

  1. Brendan Hutchens says:

    Hi there Brad,

    This is fantastic news. VAM MEDIA would be very keen to discuss our plans as a Fremantle based video production and screening event company with a focus on arts based and community related projects (as you know)…


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