Last week at the 2013 Local Government Convention and Exhibition held by the WA Local Government Association, Freo North Ward Councillor Doug Thompson  was  the recipient  of an Eminent Service Award for 25 year of service.


Here is some background to Doug’s award:

Cr Doug Thompson has lived in North Fremantle for over 30 years and has

been closely involved in community issues. He has been a City of

Fremantle councillor for the North Ward since May 1988 – 25 years,

making him the longest serving Fremantle councillor and held the

position of Deputy Mayor for 2 years. Cr Thompson has represented

Fremantle on the South Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) since 1994

– 19 years, once again making him the longest serving member where he

has performed duties of both Chair (2004-2009) and Deputy Chair. He

has also been a state councillor with the Western Australian Local

Government Association since January 2008 – 5 years, contributing to

policy formulation and advising on matters focusing on alternative

transport and sustainability issues.

Cr Thompson has been very involved in waste minimisation

issues and was instrumental in testing options for waste

minimisation at Fremantle City Council, in order to determine

best practices. Cr Thompson believes that cooperative work

towards environmental waste solutions is the most important

issue facing local government and as such, he has committed to

making a significant contribution to facilitating cooperation

between Councils for the achievement of environmental goals.

Over the years, Cr Thompson’s efforts with local indigenous

and homelessness issues have afforded opportunities to

minorities in the community and in doing so enriched the lives

of underprivileged individuals. His tireless efforts to

connect communities can also be reflected in his efforts to

deepen economic and cultural relationships between the City of

Fremantle and its sister-cities.

Cr Thompson’s notable contribution and long service to the association

and to local government is deserving of honours recognition. For 25

continuous years Cr Thompson has proved his commitment to both

local and larger issues employing relentlessly his experience, skills

and passion to better his community. His consistent re-election to his

local council for 25 years is evidence of the community confidence he

has earned.

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