Kings Square Architectural Design Competition now open

The City of Fremantle’s Kings Square Project hit an exciting new milestone with the official launch of the Kings Square Architectural Design Competition.

The competition is open to registered architects with the independently-selected winner to design various aspects of the Kings Square precinct including the library, civic chamber, administrative offices for the City of Fremantle, urban room, café and specialty retail; together with public space within Kings Square.

Registrations to enter stage one of the two-stage architectural design competition will be open until Tuesday 10 September 2013 with a competition brief, conditions of entry and registration available at

The official launch of the design competition is a key milestone for what promised to be Fremantle’s most important new development in a generation.

The Kings Square project is the cornerstone of Fremantle’s revitalisation and as such, deserves the best possible design to ensure it meets the needs and high expectations of our community

An independent expert jury to assess the designs and I’m sure that the final design will be something we will all be proud of. I’m confident the Kings Square development will signal the renaissance of Fremantle and will become our city’s future heritage

The competition

The purpose of the competition is to select a design concept approach and design team to develop core facilities for the City of Fremantle in Kings Square.  The development will be part of the wider Kings Square Project which will create a civic, retail, commercial and community hub that is a vibrant, active and safe place whichreflects Kings Square’s unique place in the heart of Fremantle.

The competition is open to all architects, providing that at least one member of each team is an Australian registered architect.

The short listed entries for Stage 2 will each be paid an honorarium of $20,000 and at the conclusion of Stage 2 a winner will be announced. The City will offer a commission to the winning architect to design, document and administer the project through to completion.


Stage 1

Activity Date Time
Competition documents available and Registration & question period opens Tuesday 20 August 2013 9.00 am
Briefing and site inspection Tuesday 3 September 2013 9.00 am
Question period closes Wednesday 4 September 2013 2.00 pm
Registration period closes Tuesday 10 September 2013 2.00 pm
Submissions open Wednesday 11 September 2013 11.00 am
Submissions close Wednesday 25 September 2013 2.00 pm
Jury evaluation Monday 21/Tuesday22 October 2013
Short listed competitors announced Friday 25 October 2013
 Stage 2
Stage 2 documents available Monday 28 October 2013 11.00 am
Briefing of shortlisted entrants Friday 1 November 2013 1.00 pm
Clarification meetings 7-8 November 2013 TBA
Questions and answer period closes Wednesday 13 November 2013 2.00 pm
Submissions close Wednesday 27 November 2013 2.00 pm
Jury evaluation & presentations Monday 9/Tuesday 10 December 2013
Winner announced Mid December 2013

For more information visit

Here is an image of one the shortlisted buildings from the world architecture festival awards 2013


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8 Responses to Kings Square Architectural Design Competition now open

  1. Colin Nichol says:

    Mr Mayor, heaven help Fremantle if this building shown or one like it, gets the nod. Like so many good designs like this and there are some in Fremantle already, it depends upon where it is located. It is an exciting and like many I have seen, marvellous design in itself. But not for Kings Square.

    The only good thing about it for Fremantle is, that it is collapsing (or appears to be).

    I accept that you didn’t intend something like this for the square. I also accept that if adopted, it would be an attraction in itself, at least for a time.

    As well, I fully accept that adventurism in architecture is a great value in itself and that contrast has its place. Not in the square however, some references are required if the present non-contributive façade is to be effectively replaced for the long term.

    Architecture is tricky, ask an architect; pleasing everyone is a nightmare.

    Brad, you supported the original designs presented and have since backed off and introduced a design competition after I wrote about them in the Herald. Steady on.

    Now, you like contest, lets see some really sympathetic but stirring designs from this competition.

    • Colin
      You are right. The designs should reflect the place and the competition is designed to make sure this happens.

      Interestingly the architectural competition came out of the community engagement sessions on the project and I’m very excited we are doing this.

      You’ll be pleased to know I’m not on the judging panel!

      • Colin Nichol says:

        I’m relieved I’m not competant enough to be on it myself! Good luck to those who will be ..

  2. Kate says:

    I must admit, I am still confused as to why we are so desperate to change the old Myer building. I know that it is considered to be ugly and old fashioned and uninviting, but it is of its time, that is what a lot of buildings looked like back then. And where would we be in Fremantle if every building that at one point seemed ugly and outdated was changed beyond recognition, or knocked down?

    I would love it if we decided as Fremantle-ites that we were going to preserve it, if for nothing else than as a reminder of what not to do!

  3. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Look closely enough and you will be able to find the beauty in everything….. 🙂

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