Why we are lowering speeds on the Cappuccino Strip

You might have seen we plan to drop the speed on the Cappucino strip to 30kmh. This is to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists

Speed significantly increases the chance of being injured in a collision. One of the  first studies of pedestrian injury and car impact speed found that at 20mph there was  a 2.5% chance of being fatally injured, compared to a 20% chance at 30mph. Now we just need Mainroads approval.

road speeds

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12 Responses to Why we are lowering speeds on the Cappuccino Strip

  1. belinda says:

    How about this running the full length of South Tce not just in town??

  2. Bazza says:

    meenz I can cruz real slow in ma V8 and make some noiyz

  3. Roger Garwood says:

    Brad, that’s a very good move but how about more properly defined pedestrian crossings along the entire length of South Terrace? It’s becoming a war zone for pedestrians at the South Fremantle End.
    On another note I have just spent a few days in the old city of Hoi An, in Vietnam. They close off their entire ‘West End’ to anything but foot traffic and bikes? The result has been a huge increase in trade.
    And how late can I get a postal vote in? I don’t get back until Oct 1st.

  4. robert says:

    Is it not already 40 ? I know that Adelaide street is as I was (about 10 yr ago) pulled over by a cop.
    Have a look at this video of what’s been trailed in the UK. also note there is a very nice stone block intersection and low rise buildings. Just to remind you of the possibility of Jarrah

  5. Kel Smith says:

    Be safer for skateboarders and bike riders hey Brad?

  6. robert says:

    Thanks Brad but I was not sure if that was for the whole CBD
    Because if it is its it doesn’t seem to be enforced and I honestly am unaware of any signs and surely there should be big signs Fremantle City is a 40 k Zone. having a verity of speeds is annoying as are traffic lights.

  7. Kel Smith says:

    Safer for Skateboarders and Bikeriders hey Brad?

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