Interesting article on the new Mediterranean Shipping Company building planned for the West End

People in glass houses

13 September 2013.

A grand old building in Fremantle’s rustic West End is set to be revamped to incorporate a dazzling glass house at which only five of the port city’s band of local objectors have thrown stones.

The revamped building is slated to become the Fremantle offices of Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., which claims to be the world’s largest shipping line in terms of container vessel capacity.

MSC building FremantleMSC wants the pictured, $7.08 million project to include a revamp of the landmark Elders building, otherwise known as Wilhelmsen House, on the corner of Cliff and Phillimore streets.

Also included is a four-floor glass-fronted annex with roof deck from which MSC’s staff would be able to peer across Cliff Street at the defunct Hotel Fremantle now owned by the University of Notre Dame. The annex would be built over an existing, street-level bitumen car park.

If approved by a state government planning panel when the panel meets on Thursday, as recommended by the City of Fremantle, the project will include 1490sqm of office space.

MSC building Fremantle

During the mandated consultation period for the renovation rescue, 33 submissions were received, only five of which were objections.

Fremantle is well known for its powerful heritagelobby. Staunch objectors have sunk many a developer’s design for the historic port city.

Issues raised by the five objectors include assertions that the four-floor building is too tall, will overshadow existing structures and does not have enough parking.

The state heritage office supports the plans subject to monitoring of any structural impacts on the Elders building, and to further details being provided on the shape and colour of the Elders’ building’s distinctive existing roof.


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6 Responses to Interesting article on the new Mediterranean Shipping Company building planned for the West End

  1. Roger Garwood says:

    It doesn’t look too offensive to me Brad but you say it’s four stories. I can only count three – but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody:)
    Is the architects impression accurate in terms of the height? It certainly doesn’t seem to be overbearing in terms of height or structure. I guess my own sense of caution has me repeating that we’ve seen impressions before that have had no bearing on the final structure. I sincerely hope that we’re not going to see that happen again. If this works it will be the first time we haven’t been let down so good luck. Fremantle needs a win, not just from The Dockers either.

  2. Rob Harrison says:

    Hi Brad, I agree it does look good from the front and Murray is a good architect and I support the building, but I hope he considers what we (the people who live behind the development) will see from the rear of the new building when we look out our windows. In an effort to maximise the amount of office space the additional floor has blocked light and shadowed the apartment block behind. The setback protrudes closer the higher it gets and from what I am seeing its not that pretty from the back area. I accept Murray is very creative and I have spoken to him and he has kindly provided me with information. I had suggested a live green wall of plants on the back so occupants could enjoy it and so could the neighbours behind. I also hope you have listened to and read the many concerns from those impacted directly. You will note they are not negative but supportive with options so its a win win. Cheers. Rob

  3. Hi, Brad

    Thanks for whacking my story up in toto.

    But why is an original story from a Fremantle-founded, owned and run news website ( not acknowledged as publisher here, when eastern states-owned WAtoday is credited below for their largely press release based yarn on Roe 8?

    Chris Thomson
    Fremantle ratepayer, voter, journo and publisher

  4. Na, Thanks, Brad. Also, thanks for the original hyperlink. Go the Dockers.

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