The West’s take on the Grand Final in Freo

Freo Mayor proud of record crowd

Rebecca Trigger, The West AustralianSeptember 28, 2013, 6:53 pm

An estimated 40,000 Dockers fans commiserating at a post-grand final street party on Fremantle’s streets have been largely peaceful and law abiding, according to the city’s Mayor.

Fans watched on big screen as their team’s captain, Matthew Pavlich, led his teammates in a match against Hawthorn at the MCG today.

Despite the team’s loss, the vibe remained upbeat as many stayed to party in the city centre, closed to vehicle traffic for the occasion.

It was the biggest day of festivities Fremantle had seen since the Australia II’s America’s Cup win almost 30 years ago to the day, Mayor Brad Pettitt said.

“It was spectacular, it made me really proud of Fremantle,” Mr Pettitt said.

“It had that real sense that people were passionate and vocal but really well behaved.”

Pubs and restaurants did a bustling trade with punters at some venues queuing for an hour before they could get inside for a beer.

People crowded the windows outside some venues trying to catch a glimpse of the screens as they steamed up from the crush of people inside.

The largely calm celebrations were briefly marred as some people were ejected from the Sail and Anchor tavern, and two young men were taken into custody by police.

Dockers captain Matthew Pavlich with his baby after the game. Picture: The West Australian/Michael Wilson

Liquor licensing authorities closed down the bar’s balcony after reports of people tipping beer and flicking cigarette butts at people’s heads.

Beer stocks were hammered at taverns across the city but Sail and Anchor manager Pete Bottcher said theirs should last through the weekend.

Picture: Getty Images

At the Old Shanghai food court, one stall holder said she had ordered in more food in preparation for the post-match festivities.

“Because now I think business in Fremantle has not been so good, but because there’s something special, I think all the businesses are expecting (it to pick up),” said the stall holder, who asked not to be named.

Die-hard fan Kevin Croon, 68, said he was happy he watched the match with other fans.

“Fremantle’s a very local place, we’re a great local community,” he said.

“The feeling’s been fantastic.”

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2 Responses to The West’s take on the Grand Final in Freo

  1. Robert Bodkin says:

    It was Great to see so many purple people in Town and to see foot traffic in High street in numbers not seen since the 70’s. Not much shopping done, though, with takings a 1/4 of the average Saturday, which is usual when there is a special event. However perhaps it has brought about renewed interest in Fremantle.
    On the down side I saw men urinating in the gutter of High St and this morning Kartique owner was complaining that their door way was used as a toilet. Nice! and usual with too much liqueur.
    Sorry to mention that I was Knocked off my bike whilst riding home after work . This occurred out side St Pats Church in Adelaide St . A young idiot through a Football that lodged between the two wheels and brought me down. So all was not well for my experience. Though at leased this time my doorways were clean.

  2. Ralph says:

    Sorry to have miss the sea of purple in Freo for Freo.
    I was in Melbourne at the game. It was great!
    Yes it could have gone better, but we did fantastically well!
    The team remain my heroes!
    We will be back!

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