A short reflection on the last four years as Freo Mayor

While the biggest legacy of this council will likely be seen as the major planning changes (including Amendment 49, 38 and small dwellings ) along with major projects like Kings Square, it’s also the  little things that I’ve often been really proud of including:

  • The converted roof terrace into an organic food-growing garden garden above the library run by the chemical free gardening group from the One Stop Shop.
  • The ping ping tables, colourful chairs and tables, and free wifi that have taken our square from a dead space in the centre of Fremantle to a lively community space.

iphone March 2013 020


  • The growing array of funky street art from Zebras, the massive Welcome to Freo, to Dorothy Tangney, the Numbat and the ever present Little Red.
  • The refunkyfying (is that a word?!)  of Freo. From MYRE to the ever improving and growing number of festivals (Street Arts and Hidden Treasures which City of Fremantle fund) to St Jerome’s Laneways Festival and others new and coming to Freo.
  • Freo as WA’s bike capital
  • The reengagement of youth in Fremantle’s future.



It has been a amazing journey this last four years. Freo isn’t quite there yet but you can see the new shoots of creativity, vibrancy and sustainable recovery shooting through. It’s going to require some nurturing and a great joint effort to keep it going but we are back on track.

It’s has also been a great council team to work with over the past four years and it’s been an honour to represent such a amazing and special community and place. Here’s to Freo’s future.


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3 Responses to A short reflection on the last four years as Freo Mayor

  1. Debra Salahuddeen says:

    Best wishes all the way from Berlin, Brad!
    You have been….and will continue to be, I’m sure, a fantastic mayor. Thank you for all the hard work and for the fact that you have still come up smiling in times of adversity. You should be very proud of your achievements. Can’t be there to vote, but will have fingers crossed from afar!

  2. Emma says:

    Hiya, congrats on being returned as Mayor of Fremantle! I’m really thrilled and happy to hear the news tonight, it’s just brilliant. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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