Book Now for this Thursday’s Hypothetical: What if Fremantle was to secede and become its own Nation?

Book now for what promises to be a hilarious and thought provoking topic about what would happen if Freo seceded from Australia and became its own republic? Presented in partnership with Freo 2029 visioning and the Fremantle Festival, it is a must for anyone who cares about Freo’s future or just wants a truly different night out.

Panelist’s represent the wide cross section of characters that make up Freo – from yours truly, to Eco Trail blazer Shani Graham to members of the arts and cultural scenes as well as East Freo WAFL coach Michelle Cowan.

Together they will explore with the audience what the Nation of Fremantle might look like including such hypothetical quandaries as:
• • Who should the Republic of Freo’s Prime Minister be?
• • What would the National industries be?
• What would the new republic’s laws and system of government look like?
Inspired by Geoffrey Robertson and billed as the thinking person’s night out, Strictly Hypothetical is social commentary, meets live comedy. Event organiser, Katrina Bercov, says ‘Hypotheticals allow us to use a fictional context to explore a real world issue. So this event will not be about debating or discussing the issue. It will follow the story of a future where Fremantle has seceded from the rest of Australia and has become its own nation.’
Hosted by actor Elisa Williams, The Republic of Freo is tipped to be an explosive night out for conversational thrill seekers!
Remember, PLEASE help us by booking your ticket early! This is shaping up to be popular event so book early to avoid disappointment.

**Buy your tickets here:
Or go to the Fremantle Festival website.

Doors open at 6pm for a 7pm start: Thursday 31 Oct, 2013
Check out:


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4 Responses to Book Now for this Thursday’s Hypothetical: What if Fremantle was to secede and become its own Nation?

  1. Barbara grant says:

    Dear Brad,

    Had the most fantastic afternoon at the Coffee Festival today ! Brilliant atmosphere again in good old Freo. The Strip was jumping !! Great crowd, coffee and musical entertainment. Well done Freo. Just one suggestion, which no doubt has been hashed over before ! Please, PLEASE, plant some of those fabulous shade throwing Plane trees in the centre of ‘the Strip’. Surely no one would object! And maybe one day just have a bus lane going through………and maybe just on weekends close off the Terrace to all traffic ( like today) ………Can’t help dreaming…Thanks for all your fantastic effort ,

  2. Colin Nichol says:

    By all means, trees. However, please avoid plane trees – they’re messy (even blocking gutters etc) and allergenic.

  3. Damien says:

    Perhaps Freo could secede if we want tumble weeds as tourist attractions – we are so far behind the rest of Australia in developing an economy – just look at all the empty shops and lack of people

  4. Leo says:

    If Freo secedes I think It would be like Iceland and Greece needing a bailout pretty soon. The national industries would be parking cars and charging high rent. Tourists can look at the amazing empty shopfronts which is unique to Freo.
    The new republic of Freo laws would be to increase the rent of all the shops till they are all driven out of the city into neighboring suburbs. Another Law would be to stop any kind of development from happening e.g woolstores to make sure Freo stays derelict and run down.

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