Arthur’s Head and Bathers Beach circa 1986

With the passionate and multiple debates about what is the right kind of development for Bathers Beach and Arthur’s Head coming to the Council tonight, I thought this photo of the area from 1986 would be of interest. It is amazing how much the area has changed for the better over the past 25 years!

Arthur Head_1986 aerial_

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5 Responses to Arthur’s Head and Bathers Beach circa 1986

  1. Hi Brad. That’s interesting but I feel sure a lot of the improvement was made during the America’s Cup. This picture show the area before the cup but I think many of the improvements we see now were made during the cup days. I seem to remember that something in the region of $6m was spent in improvements at that time.

  2. Dick Baynham says:

    Wasn’t that was around the same period that a handful of people fought to save the West End from being destroyed by developers in the name of economic rationalism?

    So it seems surprising to hear similar arguments being made in support of a proposal to issue a 21-year lease that will turn the arts hub at Arthur’s Head into a 1,500 person capacity tavern.

  3. Damien Takac says:

    Well done Brad. Great development for an underutilised area in a beautiful spot. Keep up the good work and lets make Freo great again

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