Back on board and the photo competition winner is….

After a great break – part spent catching up with friends on the east coast and part pottering at home and going to the beach it is good to be back on board. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be a big year for Fremantle.

I think I made the annual photo competition a bit too hard this year. Sorry! But thanks to everyone who sent in answers anyway and had a go.

The outstanding winner was CODA’s Kieran Wong who got almost every photo correct except 3 and 7 below. Well done Kieran, lunch is on me! (I have to add that the only quiz night I have ever won in my life was when I was on CODA’s table so this win doesn’t surprise me!)


1: Under Canning Hwy Bridge below Bevan Honey’s FACE painting

2: Fremantle Hospital – “The Knowle” built 1852

3: Taken from Carpark on cnr of High St and Point St where bottle chop is.

4: Inside the Fortknox Woolstores

5: on the MYER roof – inside Dave’s Cans

6: Horatio T Birdbath’s work on the rear of Ginos

7: Industrial building on little lane way at the back of Price Street, Fremantle

8: Northport taken from Port Beach

9: Roof top of the National Hotel

10: Kulcha Balcony shot of Dockers GF game

11: Carpark looking to Kings Square (from behind Adelaide Street yes behind Mills)

12: Gas Globes – originally behind the CODA office

13: Warders Cottages – from inner courtyard

14: Old Energy Museum – inside the turbine room (upside down) from mezzanine…

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