One Perth on Fremantle’s Development Frenzy

Nice to start off the New Year with an upbeat news story that even has a video with a funky backing track!


Fremantle development frenzy

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billion dollar building bonanzaspruiked last year by Fremantle council was just the tip of the iceberg – with a jaded multi-storey car park and the 1980s-era Queensgate office block and movie house set to bite the dust in favour of a six-storey hotel and six-storey office and shopping block.

The two projects – in Fremantle’s clapped-out East End – come on top of plans, reported by earlier this week, for a six-storey, $18 million hotel and an office-cum-shopping complex also in the East End.

All four projects are big by Fremantle standards, all are additional to a billion dollar Fremantle development boom spruiked by a council press release and glossy flyer in September just before the October council elections, and all are in their final planning stages. is now able to reveal images of the six-storey:

* hotel planned for the site of the eyesore Point Street car park whose one redeeming feature is that Fremantle locals get to park there for free on weekends; and

* office and shopping complex planned for the site of the pastel-coloured Queensgate building which has blighted William Street since the early 1980s.


Fremantle hotelThe car park and Queensgate buildings – both owned by the council – would be demolished to make way for the new structures. A banal looking commercial building on the corner of Point and Adelaide streets would also be bowled to make way for the hotel.

If granted development approval, the $60 million hotel (pictured, left) – by Campion Design Group – will include 173 hotel rooms, 77 apartment blocks, a restaurant, 1302sqm supermarket and nine smaller shops.

Council planners have recommended that the city’s planning committee on Wednesday night endorse the hotel plans before they get submitted for final consideration to a state government assessment panel.

Fremantle developmentThe office and shopping block planned by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland architects for the Queensgate site is pictured, right. That structure has also been recommended for the imprimatur of the city planning committee ahead of consideration by the state assessment panel.

The building would cost $21.5 million to erect, and include a 1405sqm gymnasium – which would be a boon for Fremantle fitness freaks who have long been starved of a major, modern gym.

Also finally coming up for planning consideration, more than three years after they were first floated, are plans to convert cells in the World Heritage listed Fremantle Prison into accommodation for 200 backpackers

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  1. Thanks, Brad – yeah, Bootsy and Superfly dropped by the other night and we laid the backing track down on iMovie. Happy Newish Year, y’all.

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