Freo’s First Five Star Greenstar Buildings

Fremantle Council approved two Five Star Greenstar buildings to the value of $81.5 million this week.

One was for the old Point Street car park and Port Cinema block which will be replaced with a $60 million, seven-storey, 173-room hotel and 77 units, a supermarket and shops.

A $21.5m seven-storey complex to replace Queensgate in William Street was also approved. I had hoped to reuse some of the Queensgate building but the sloping concrete floors of the cinemas meant it was not viable. So we are demolishing this largely unloved building and replacing it with what I think it a very good looking medium rise office building (pictured below)

I am proud that both the Point Street and Kings Square sites (which the Fremantle Council owned) will have to meet the higher sustainability rating of five star green star (aka Australian excellence). I believe these will be the first green star rated commercial buildings built in Fremantle.

This is a step above the City of Fremantle’s general policy requirement of four star green star (aka Best Practice) across all inner city sites. Freo Council is the only WA council I know that demands minimum sustainability ratings for new commercial buildings.


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13 Responses to Freo’s First Five Star Greenstar Buildings

  1. Billy-Bob Blob says:

    I really don’t think 7 stories is medium height. I am also concerned at the loss of parking spaces and the extra time being given in which to commence building.

  2. Jane EV says:

    Great news! What is happening about parking in Freo?

  3. Colin Nichol says:

    Perth and Fremantle continue to lament the loss and lack of performance areas, mainly theatres, yet still they come down. Where’s the offset in present plans for central Fremantle? A little more imagination and less financial expediency might leave Fremantle culturally better off, but that stands in the way of modern versions of Westgate Mall and Johnston Court.

    • Colin
      Perhaps a bit harsh?!
      I think this architecture in conjunction with the Kerry Hill designed ivic building is of a far higher standard than this part of Fremantle has seen for many decades

      • Daniel says:

        The Kerry Hill building is dull and conservative. Unfortunately the nimby’s actually oppose true design innovation as well, which is why you no doubt picked an inoffensive design for the new Civic center.

        This building i don’t mind, it’s not remarkable but at least it’s got some decent facade articulation.

      • Daniel
        It was picked by an independent panel of architects and I think was a “very civic” response to the Kings Square plans – which is approriate


      • Colin Nichol says:

        Is there the equivalent to a greenstar rating for design?
        I’d say the (finished!) Marylyn New-built apartments at the end of Cantonment are good, but there hasn’t been much else to compare with in recent decades, which is the point of your efforts. Some current construction seems to be experiencing the disdain it deserves. Perhaps innovative and suitable design is in the eye of the beholder and to me it’s not much evidenced in what I’ve seen so far for new construction. I’ve come to the conclusion they’re either not attainable here in themselves, or cost prevents. The worry is, once these buildings are up, whether or not they are right, they will be there for keeps, effectively. On that point, I do empathise over the degree of responsibility you have taken on, in putting yourself on the line. Now, what about the other part of my note: theatres?

      • Colin – there isn’t but there should be. Like affordable housing.

  4. Kevin Hodge says:

    I now own an electric car which I hoped to drive from Mandurah to Fremantle and park at the EV bays provided , where will I park when Queens Gate is demolished please ??

  5. Jason says:

    I am glad Fremantle is undergoing some new appropriate developments around the area. I loved the place but it seemed to be missing something once you walked from the café strip and could become a bit of a ghost town! I live in Elwood in Melbourne now right near StKilda and watch from afar the work being done.

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