Fremantle’s annual ‘Festival of Misrule’ is back in a blaze of colour, sound and Carnevale high jinx February 28 and March 1st.

The sixth annual ‘Carnevale of the People’s Republic of Fremantle’ kicks off at Fremantle Markets at 7:30pm Friday 28 February with a vibrant Carnevale Opening Night Parade along Cappuccino Strip led by the WASAMBA Carnevale band and this year’s samba-dancing Queen of Carnevale. Carnevale reaches its spectacular climax in the Carnevale

Masked Costume Ball at Victoria Hall (Saturday 1 March, 8pm till late), in a homage to Latin American Carnival, featuring headline act Victoria Newton and Funky Brasilia. (Carnevale costume and mask compulsory or mandatory face painting on entry!).

Festivities will be presided over by this year’s mystery King of Carnevale, to be announced on Opening Night (previous incumbents have included Alan Jones, Wilson Tuckey, Julian Assange and former City of Cockburn Mayor Stephen Lee).
Carnevale is an annual community festival held in many parts of the world including Latin America, Europe, New Orleans and India, which signals a ‘farewell to the flesh’ before the 40-day period of Lenten abstinence and repentance imposed on Carnevale revellers by the Catholic Church.

For a short time, Carnevale ‘turns the world on its head’ through masquerade, cross-dressing, mockery of authority and transgression of the normal social and gender order.


2014 Carnevale

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