Local Government Reform Video

Below is a video produced by the City of Kwinana with input from the cities of Freo and Melville that has just been released publicly. It has also been sent directly to the Local Government Advisory Board for consideration.

The video shows why the state government proposal is logical and workable. The ‘community of interest’ and ‘activity centre’ arguments are well explained. Enjoy


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2 Responses to Local Government Reform Video

  1. Janet Little says:

    Thanks Brad. That was interesting.

    Enjoyed having coffee with you today.

    Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly

    Love Mum x

  2. indiesaucem says:

    No thank you.
    When it said Melville is a progressive council I had to laugh, if you mean progression to every block being inhabited by a Western Sydney style McMansion.
    The people of Bibra Lake, who chose to live in a progressive council are getting a bum deal. Not will they be forcibly moved to a second rate council, they’ll be moved into a council who is in support of the extension of Roe Hwy (through the Beeliar Wetlands), which from what I understand is against their wishes.

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