Fremantle Oxfam Group Syria in Crisis Appeal Fundraising dinner

 The Fremantle Oxfam Group Presents Syria in Crisis Appeal Fundraising dinner

At – The Aroy Thai Restaurant, 308 South Terrace, Fremantle

When – Monday 7th April 2014

Tickets online from :$30 each, BYO. $3.50 corkage

Speaker: Carrie Fletcher, Event Coordinator Trailwalker Perth

 Oxfam is now helping more than half a million people across Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, but the crisis continues to escalate. One of the most bitterly cold winters in the Middle East in decades has now hit hard, pushing Syrian children and families into an even more vulnerable situation.

Your donation can deliver essential supplies like fuel, blankets and stoves to children and families. The worst of winter is yet to come. Please donate today.

Survey on unique food truck trial

In July 2013, the City of Fremantle commenced its unique food vehicle licence trial which objectives are to identify underutilised public spaces in the community and make them available to diverse food vehicle businesses that offer culturally unique, healthy, fresh, high quality, safe and reasonably priced food.

A trial licence was developed to allow a number of food trucks and other food vehicles to operate outside organised markets and/or events by allocation alternative locations including parks, reserves and car parks.

The objective of running this trial is not only to bring temporary amenity to an area that not often has the opportunity to see different type of activity but to give the opportunity to small businesses to develop and grow and to diversify Fremantle’s consumer driven activities.

Trial participants

The City granted approval to 11 unique food vehicles to participate in the trial, these are:

  1. Pizza Queens – Gourmet Italian pizza
  2. Comida do Sul – Traditional Brazilian food
  3. Higher Grounds – Sustainable coffee cart
  4. Eat No Evil – BBQ style cook-up
  5. The Green Mo – Fresh smoothies and juices
  6. Cuban Sandwich Co. – Cuban-style sandwiches
  7. My Way Highway – Various
  8. Lil Tortilla Boi – Tortillas
  9. Ideaplus (LSVN) – Healthy food
  10. Jem’s Juices – Fresh juice and snacks
  11. Turkish Tucker – Turkish food

Trial locations

Nine (9) trading locations were initially identified for approved unique food vehicles with two (2) removed and five (5) locations added during the trial period. These locations are parks or reserves where there are few existing businesses of a similar nature. 

  1. Parmelia Park, South Fremantle
  2. Booyeembara Park, Fremantle
  3. Port Beach Car Park, North Fremantle
  4. North South Beach (dog beach), South Fremantle
  5. Valley Park, White Gum Valley
  6. Leighton Beach, North Fremantle
  7. Bruce Lee Reserve, Beaconsfield
  8. Lookout Park, O’Connor
  9. Moorni Boorn Park, Hilton
  10. Griffiths Park, Hilton
  11. Grigg Park, Hilton
  12. Horrie Long Reserve, Fremantle
  13. Sir Frederick Samson Park, Samson
  • Esplanade Reserve, Fremantle (REMOVED)
  • Wilson Park, South Fremantle (REMOVED)

We’d love your feedback


Fremantle Art Centre Sundowner – April 2nd

Please join the Fremantle Network, Fremantle Chamber and Bendigo  Community Bank  at the  Art Centre’s wonderful courtyard for a casual evening of refreshment and conversation, including an opportunity to hear briefly from two notable individuals and their important contribution to our community.
WHEN –  5-7pm Wednesday April 2nd
WHERE – Arts Centre
GRIFF LONGLEY, CEO of Nature Play WA & widely read West columnist.
Nature Plays advocates the importance of vibrant and unstructured play for our young.
Griff’s views on this can be seen @ TEDTALK
Equally important Griff will speak on his passion, the successful Midnight Basketball program in Midland. He believes the program could be very beneficial for “youth at risk” in greater Fremantle.
MARION FULKER is the CEO of the Committee for Perth – a member funded think tank focused on maintaining and improving the liveability of the Metropolitan region, by ensuring Perth retains its unique vibrancy, prosperity and cultural diversity.
A key area of focus of the Committee is the impact of significant population growth forecast for the region over the next 30 years. Marion will outline the Committee’s approach to research and advocacy, as well as reflect on what Fremantle might expect as a result of the
 region’s growth.
RSVP essential to The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce By Monday 31st March

The Challenges of Density and Residential Development

The Property Council had a conference in Perth today on Multi-Unit Residential Development which I was invited to speak at.

One of the interesting statistics is that in Perth there are three new houses been built for every one new apartment. In comparison in Sydney they are building two new apartments for every one new house. The impacts on suburban sprawl are obvious.

A key message was that historically Perth has either built cheap apartments that were often cheap social housing (ie Johnstone Crt) or really expensive apartments for millionaires (ie Leighton apartments) but little in between for people on average incomes. But this is starting to change now as demands for apartments grow across Perth.

Also changing is an increased focus on more sustainable design through water and energy efficiency. Councils like Fremantle that have offered extra height incentives for more energy efficient buildings were congratulated.

I was on a panel that looked local government and property development. It was a good diverse section with the pro-development Belmont CEO debating with the often anti-development Nedlands mayor. Fremantle felt like we were in the middle – pro-development as long it was higher quality, diverse and green and included affordability. The CEO Belmont had a nice phrase which I agreed with that “local government needs to be a facilitator not just a regulator of development”


Gen Y housing for White Gum Valley

I had the pleasure of helping judge this Gen Y housing competition for a block near Freo. It was really inspiring seeing housing with affordability , adaptability and sustainabilty designed so well. Below is how the ABC wrote it up.
Imagine a building that can transform from three one-bedroom apartments into a family home depending on the needs of the occupants.

This was the idea Perth architect David Barr brought to the winning entry in a WA competition, held by Landcorp, that challenged architects aged 37 or younger to produce affordable designs that appealed to young home buyers.

Mr Barr’s concept also considered the needs of families that grew or shrank over time, incorporating three one-bedroom apartments on a 250 square metre block at a total cost of $500,000.

Two of the apartments could be combined to create a larger family home, if desired.

“The approach that we took in our design was to have three separate dwellings which one person can own and occupy entirely,” David Barr told 720 ABC Mornings.

“They are small but they include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living/dining area and an outdoor courtyard.

“Affordability is the main issue in our strategy, and keeping things small.

“The units are easy to maintain, they are robust, and there is not massive large portions of garden.”

The design also used cheap and basic building methods, which the owners could later enhance.

“The affordability comes in through keeping a really raw, liveable shell, so that incrementally you can add to, when time and money permit, in your own part of the house,” Mr Barr said.

“People can paint, add skirting and cornices, built in furniture.

“They might want to change the carport into a garage or a workshop.”

The design will be built at a Landcorp housing development in White Gum Valley near Freo.


Some more beautiful data on people movements

Some more beautiful data on people movements the recent Chilli Festival.

Compared to their long term averages, this is how Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th March performed.

South Terrace
Saturday 14.22% increase
Sunday 9.40% increase

Adelaide Street
Saturday 17.33% increase
Sunday 15.01% increase

Market Street
Saturday 31.79% increase
Sunday 34.12% increase

High Street West End
Saturday 22.44% increase
Sunday 28,7% increase

For more info see:


One man, two feet and and trolley full of determination

Fremantle resident Mike Pauly will be walking solo unaided around Australia to raise funds for Men’s Mental Health and Arthritis Research.

Hi s walk will started in March 2014 from Fremantle and is estimated to take 15 months, completing his journey back in Fremantle to finish July 2015.

Along the way Mike will be stopping at many towns and schools to promote how arthritis conditions can be managed through good exercise and a healthy raw food diet. I do not cook food for the entire length of the journey meaning I need not light any fires.

He is also raising money for the Fremantle Men Shed and Arthritis Australia to aid in Men’s Mental Health and combating Arthritis within Australia respectively.

All donations will receive a postcard with personal thanks from Mike, just send a postal address for Mike with your donation. The donations page is here:

and his blog is here

Mike is now somewhere north on Lancelin