Graphing where and when we walk in our beautiful city.

Ok I am going to go a bit nerdy on you for a bit but I love the story these graphs tell. Fremantle-based business A Beautiful City has been providing counts of pedestrian trends in January 2014 across Fremantle’s four people counters the past few months with some interesting results.

It shows different volumes (line heights) and hourly changes throughout the day (the shape of the lumps). Each line represents a different counter.


As you can see the blue one is the biggest and busiest – South Terrace (averages about 345,000 people per month, so far) but you can see from the graphs blow how varied the Cappuccino Strip is depending on days per week and hour of the day. Makes a good case for working towards been a more even seven day a week economy.

Average hourly footfall by day of the weekAverages of each day of the week since counting began Jan14


Check out their more detailed analysis at:

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9 Responses to Graphing where and when we walk in our beautiful city.

  1. The daily graphs tell us that the pedestrian traffic doubles at the weekend. The issue of relaxing parking fees and/or restrictions to bring more shoppers into our city centre for the benefit of retailers should surely be revisited and concentrated on the period Monday morning until Thursday night. This may mean a slight reduction in parking fees collected but this would be compensated by putting parking inspectors on part-time from Friday morning to Sunday night instead of paying them full-time. Nobody likes the bastards anyway. Change the signs to require parking fees applicable from Friday morning until Sunday night only and see how it goes. Sounds sensible doesn’t it ?

  2. Ralph Hoare says:

    Twice as many people on Friday Saturday and Sunday as on a normal week day! Most of these people are on the Cafe Strip. Is this surprising, its been this way for 20 years!!

    • Kel says:

      Good point Ralph .

      One would have thought that the Blog owner of the Beautiful City blogsite who prepared these graphs would have highlighted these points.

      As a a senior staffer of City of Fremantles Commercial Development Management back in 2011 and partly responsible for the 2011 ISAF (sailing championships) failure for small businesses he would have made these points clear. Not so.

      Does this City really need this? Is it really that independant?

      Thank you

      • A Beautiful City says:

        Hi Kel. The City does not contribute to this project (to address your query of independance.) And, I wasn’t even a twinkle in the the eye of the City, even after the implementation of ISAF had well begun.

        Happy to answer any more questions you have.



    • Is this surprising? No.
      Isn’t your question ‘a little’ misleading? Yes.
      Where exactly are you going wiv this question? Don’t know.
      Maybe an other question? Isn’t it a case of finding a balance between questions and answers? …and to do this do we all need to ask the right questions?
      Otherwise, a case of beer is a second-best option.
      MY opinion tells me it’s been more than 25 years. Any advance on 25, anyone?
      The ‘devil’ is always in the detail and whether the status quo ‘can’ or ‘should be’ improved for the benefit of our Community?
      Too many questions and never enough answers…

  3. Robert says:

    Well pointed out Ralph.Now how does that translate to High St trading…
    For January the Bootery’s average best day was Saturday followed by Friday,Tuesday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday,Wednesday. Best day for month Saturday,Then second Saturday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday. (They dont follow each other) so be careful with stats
    The difference between the best day and worst was $1243. more than I earn in a week.
    So my conclusion is the same as Ralph’s and Its not quantity of people its the Quality . Are the tyre kickers coffee drinkers after a cheap day out or buyers with money and they are the target that pays the way’.
    A classic example is that that I have been run off my feet
    all day this Saturday of the Chilly Festival and have ended up with only (one what I would call) good sale.

  4. Knowing a little about statistics and being aware of how some people strive to make statistical data look misleading for egotistical, political or nonsensical purposes …..using ‘one shop’ (i.e. The Bootery) as an accurate representation of hundreds of different kinds of shops in downtown Freo is a bit like Troy Buswell, having wrecked his car in the early hours of the morning after a wedding reception, explaining “a tree jumped out into the middle of the road, officer ! ” ….it’s just NOT going to hold water, is it ? I believe what Brad is attempting to do here is to supply the community with some information so we can all have the opportunity to make a productive contribution to solving some of our community problems.
    P.S. Robert, I’m sorry you had only one sale at the weekend. Successful sales people I know tell me making sales is all down to one’s attitude. Food for thought ?

  5. I have just delivered to the Fremantle BID a report confining foot traffic variances for the Chilli Festival days (Saturday and Sunday 8 and 9 of March).

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