Some more beautiful data on people movements

Some more beautiful data on people movements the recent Chilli Festival.

Compared to their long term averages, this is how Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th March performed.

South Terrace
Saturday 14.22% increase
Sunday 9.40% increase

Adelaide Street
Saturday 17.33% increase
Sunday 15.01% increase

Market Street
Saturday 31.79% increase
Sunday 34.12% increase

High Street West End
Saturday 22.44% increase
Sunday 28,7% increase

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10 Responses to Some more beautiful data on people movements

  1. dickbaynham says:

    It would be good to hear some independent qualitative and quantitative data from retailers about their sales figures for the period, because the only anecdotal evidence we have is that it was at best an average weekend – people who came to Chilli Festival spent their time queuing to get in and a large chunk of change on entering the event.

    Also like to know what the Festival costs the City in real terms and what it earned – these are the real key performance indicators.

    I have asked these questions through Cr Naber and am currently awaiting a response.

  2. Robert Bodkin says:

    Sorry Dr Mayor you are again playing with your self! I don’t have sophisticated data analysis . however I have plenty of raw figurers and Saturday of the Chilly festival was in sales well down on the average . In looking back to Oct 2013 there were 3 Sat equal, 10 greater (by at least $500) and only 3 Sat of less.
    Sunday Would seem about an average 7. Sun about the same .8 below 4 above. from Oct.

    So the lovely figures tell ME you are again wasting my expensive rates and trying to deflect valid criticism.
    Its like all these other ‘exciting’ things that don’t actually find SPENDERS. Mostly, if any, they attract ‘tire kickers’ out for a cheap day with the Missus and the ankle biters.

    OH! I HAVE JUST FOUND THIS LITTLE GEM FOR THE RECORD. The best Sat was 12/10/13 and THERE WERE NO TRAINS. We made almost double on 8/3/14. Analyse that please? I would bundle that in with bike riders.
    Of the 3 Saturdays of this month the 8/3/14 was the worst. Your festival and road disruption cost me $600 thank you. Then there is the Laneway Festival that resulted in a below average taking
    I am happy to have an independent scrutinise these facts.

    I note the above correspondent only after I was part way through this and not as an encouragement of his request..

    • Rob
      The council’s role is in part to bring more people into the streets of Freo. It’s up to the shop keepers to make the sale either on the day or make them want to come back. Brad

      • Robert says:

        Brad this I appreciate however your posting seemed to be boasting the success of the traffic confusion. However foot traffic needs to be analysed as to why they are there . Are they on a mission or there to shop.The 2 dollar shop relys on impulse every one can easily

  3. Nige says:

    How skewed are these figures, taking into account the chaos caused by the unannounced closure of Marine Terrace?

    • Hi Nige. I’m not sure if your asking if the counts were unhelpfully increased because of cramming by cars in other locations. I’ll assume you are.


      I provide the hardware and software to count pedestrians in Fremantle. There is no further account of Marine Terrace road problems (etc …) in the numbers above.

      Hope that’s helpful, somehow.

  4. Robert says:

    M last posting went before finished I was alluding to item sales under say$10 are often impulse. however The fashion /boutique market is largely destination and considered purchasing.
    So crowds looking for entertainment are not going to lug around parcels. Its just like people on bikes. (and we sell DZR urban clip-on cycle shoes,well very few) . In our type of business they would not rate a percentage.
    As for thrilling customers .Not a day goes by without a complement on our huge range, quality, disability or AMBIANCE and service. we do our bit in buckets.
    If you want to prove me wrong, put out that we will give 10% to any one that can show that they have cycled to buy from us.

  5. Hi. I’m the guy who does the counts in Fremantle.

    I think the counts are a good reason for a chummy argument but there is no assertion that extra numbers provide extra sales (on the day).

    As for another-day sales – no assertions or guarantees there, either.

    I have on record a High Street West End retailer in bespoke bulky-goods furniture who recorded their best day of sales ever (like, ever) within that weekend and they’ve been there a long time (I don’t know how many years but can find out if you need it).

    If it were up to me we would measure turnover, it’s the next level up from foot traffic, and if you want to volunteer numbers on a regular (even anonymous) basis, it’s a project I’d prefer to start in Fremantle.

    Feel free to shoot with more questions, chaps.

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