Gen Y housing for White Gum Valley

I had the pleasure of helping judge this Gen Y housing competition for a block near Freo. It was really inspiring seeing housing with affordability , adaptability and sustainabilty designed so well. Below is how the ABC wrote it up.
Imagine a building that can transform from three one-bedroom apartments into a family home depending on the needs of the occupants.

This was the idea Perth architect David Barr brought to the winning entry in a WA competition, held by Landcorp, that challenged architects aged 37 or younger to produce affordable designs that appealed to young home buyers.

Mr Barr’s concept also considered the needs of families that grew or shrank over time, incorporating three one-bedroom apartments on a 250 square metre block at a total cost of $500,000.

Two of the apartments could be combined to create a larger family home, if desired.

“The approach that we took in our design was to have three separate dwellings which one person can own and occupy entirely,” David Barr told 720 ABC Mornings.

“They are small but they include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living/dining area and an outdoor courtyard.

“Affordability is the main issue in our strategy, and keeping things small.

“The units are easy to maintain, they are robust, and there is not massive large portions of garden.”

The design also used cheap and basic building methods, which the owners could later enhance.

“The affordability comes in through keeping a really raw, liveable shell, so that incrementally you can add to, when time and money permit, in your own part of the house,” Mr Barr said.

“People can paint, add skirting and cornices, built in furniture.

“They might want to change the carport into a garage or a workshop.”

The design will be built at a Landcorp housing development in White Gum Valley near Freo.


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3 Responses to Gen Y housing for White Gum Valley

  1. dickbaynham says:

    It looks like a great concept and well done Landcorp for encouraging it. Looking forward to seeing the finished building.

  2. dianaryan says:

    Interesting concept. Brad, is the $500,000 the land and build cost, or is the land priced separately to this?

    Is there a valuation on what each individual 1 bedroom apartment would sell for?

    Also, what aspect of this design constitutes affordability to you?

    Is it the cost of each unit, if sold separately (please advice on the cost), or is it that if a family purchased the home, it could morph in to a home for the children to branch out in to, or be adapted to keep mum’n’dad home with the family?

    I love that aspect.

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