Survey on unique food truck trial

In July 2013, the City of Fremantle commenced its unique food vehicle licence trial which objectives are to identify underutilised public spaces in the community and make them available to diverse food vehicle businesses that offer culturally unique, healthy, fresh, high quality, safe and reasonably priced food.

A trial licence was developed to allow a number of food trucks and other food vehicles to operate outside organised markets and/or events by allocation alternative locations including parks, reserves and car parks.

The objective of running this trial is not only to bring temporary amenity to an area that not often has the opportunity to see different type of activity but to give the opportunity to small businesses to develop and grow and to diversify Fremantle’s consumer driven activities.

Trial participants

The City granted approval to 11 unique food vehicles to participate in the trial, these are:

  1. Pizza Queens – Gourmet Italian pizza
  2. Comida do Sul – Traditional Brazilian food
  3. Higher Grounds – Sustainable coffee cart
  4. Eat No Evil – BBQ style cook-up
  5. The Green Mo – Fresh smoothies and juices
  6. Cuban Sandwich Co. – Cuban-style sandwiches
  7. My Way Highway – Various
  8. Lil Tortilla Boi – Tortillas
  9. Ideaplus (LSVN) – Healthy food
  10. Jem’s Juices – Fresh juice and snacks
  11. Turkish Tucker – Turkish food

Trial locations

Nine (9) trading locations were initially identified for approved unique food vehicles with two (2) removed and five (5) locations added during the trial period. These locations are parks or reserves where there are few existing businesses of a similar nature. 

  1. Parmelia Park, South Fremantle
  2. Booyeembara Park, Fremantle
  3. Port Beach Car Park, North Fremantle
  4. North South Beach (dog beach), South Fremantle
  5. Valley Park, White Gum Valley
  6. Leighton Beach, North Fremantle
  7. Bruce Lee Reserve, Beaconsfield
  8. Lookout Park, O’Connor
  9. Moorni Boorn Park, Hilton
  10. Griffiths Park, Hilton
  11. Grigg Park, Hilton
  12. Horrie Long Reserve, Fremantle
  13. Sir Frederick Samson Park, Samson
  • Esplanade Reserve, Fremantle (REMOVED)
  • Wilson Park, South Fremantle (REMOVED)

We’d love your feedback


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4 Responses to Survey on unique food truck trial

  1. I’ve only tried a coffee outlet at Dog Beach. Excellent. Are these outlets allowed to provide any seating/ sun shade? That could be useful. All in all a good idea which may improve social facilities without impacting on existing businesses.

  2. Kewl.

    Following on from Roger’s comments, they are a good guinea pig to experiment with nil third-party branding – for example: ‘If you want to set up in this town, you cannot have umbrellas branded ‘Schweppes’. Get something neutral or locally distinct (branded ‘A Beautiful City’, for example, mwah-hah-hah).

    I think our planning department needs to demonstrate some discrimination in that area – the area of branding messages, quality, ‘managing the conversation’ and things like that.

    PS: Thanks for the list / stats, although what is LVSN?

  3. Steve Wells says:

    I think the idea has some merit but I also have concerns about these portable venues getting a ” free ride” over established facilities which have to jump through a whole lot more hoops – I presume – in order to operate.

  4. Colin Nichol says:

    Perhaps one day Fremantle, or one of the beach suburbs, will allow a version of the Spanish “chiringuitos” – the character on-beach bar/cafes that are so popular and provide a reason to visit the beach but never get wet.

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