Clarification of Freo Herald Frontpage on Local Government Reform

Today’s Fremantle Herald front-page unfortunately didn’t paint an accurate picture of the Fremantle Council’s or my position in response to a potential lack of funding for local government reform by the State.

The reality is that at a joint meeting of Mayor’s at WALGA last Monday it was unanimously agreed that if there was no increase in funding from state government was forthcoming for THEIR REFORM then all mayors would ask their respective Council’s to consider walking away from the whole reform process

It would be fair to say that plenty of mayors expect their councils to agree to this and this may then put the whole reform process in jeopardy. I stated that I expected Fremantle Council to be at the other end of the spectrum – clearly unhappy about the lack of state funding but unlikely to walk away from reform all together. But this would be a transparent public debate of course. It is unfortunate that the Fremantle Herald didn’t get the subtly between what I was saying was the position of Mayor’s at the forum and that of Fremantle.

In reality I expect our response is more likely to be making it very clear on our rates notices what parts of the rate rise is as a result of amalgamations so that all ratepayers can clearly see the extent to which this cost shifting from state to local government has occurred.

The Mayors and CEOs are meeting with WALGA again this Monday to refine our joint position.

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2 Responses to Clarification of Freo Herald Frontpage on Local Government Reform

  1. Rob Harrison says:

    Brad, I would really appreciate you looking within the oversized Fremantle City Council for cost savings instead of the lazy default position of slugging the rate payers every time. As a rate payer and owner of a heritage building in Freo, we pay more than our fair share. We owners pay a fortune to keep our building to the high heritage standard without any support. It benefits the City and community. Give us a break mate.

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