Fremantle Yoga Centre, E-Shed, Victoria Quay

Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th June

Since 1994, the monks have visited Australia every year and they are coming again. The Gyuto Monks upcoming

Australian tour will mark their 20th anniversary visiting Australia.

Led by 76-year-old Gyuto elder Gen Lama Thupten Phuntsok the monks will arrive in Western Australia at the beginning of June in Fremantle, with visits to Toodyay and Dunsborough added to their WA schedule.



Gyuto Monks will deliver a comprehensive daily program including:

  • Meditation – sit with the monks as they chant for half an hour each morning at 10am
  • Culture for Kids sessions – inspiring! All ages are captivated by the humour, skill and positive messages imparted by the monks followed by craft activities with the monks
  • Creation of Sand Mandala – an exercise in focus, concentration and nonattachment that fascinates all ages
  • Public TalksMeditation ClassesAncient Tibetan Tantric ceremonies – valued by thousands of Australians over the years
  • Personal Pujas & Mo Rituals – one-on-one opportunities to interact with the monks
  • Tantric Art Classes – Learn to paint, sculpt, write on paint, cloth, rock creating meaningful artefacts
  • Harmonic Chanting Performance


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