Summary of Fremantle council meeting held 25 June 2014

Below is a summarised version of key aspects of the most recent meeting of Freo council.

The full agenda and minutes of this and previous meetings (as they become available) can be found in the agendas and minutes section of the City’s website.

Working group to look at Fremantle’s green spaces

A new working group will be established to identify opportunities for new green spaces in Fremantle and to recommend options for upgrades to existing parks and linkages.

The Green Plan Working group will build on the principles of the City’s of Fremantle’s Green Plan (2001) to produce a revised plan to ‘green’ Fremantle. The working group, to consist of industry experts, councillors and City officers, will be asked to look at enhancing green spaces in Fremantle using principles such as:

  •  aiming for every resident/worker to be within walking distance (400m) of a public green space
  • the opportunity to apply Nature Play Principles to new and existing Fremantle parks and their upgrades
  • updated targets for tree planting and canopy cover (currently 1 000 trees per year)
  • develop strategy and policy to deliver a range of high-quality landscaped environments capable of meeting the often competing needs placed on open spaces
  • improving habitat that supports biodiversity
  • ensuring water sensitive design
  • being responsive and adapting to climate change.

The working group will be tasked with producing a Greening Fremantle Plan to empower the community to assist in the delivery of greening programs. The draft plan is expected to be delivered to council in February 2015.


The City of Fremantle’s 2001 Green Plan focused on strategies for the enhancement and management of existing vegetation in Fremantle, including on privately held land.

The plan was put forward as the first step towards maintaining biodiversity and balancing the needs of the natural and built environment, while forming an integral part of City’s sustainability planning.

While this plan remains a good basis for green space planning in Fremantle, it remains in need of a major update to align it with best practice and changes in Fremantle over the past decade. In particular, there is a need to embed green plan strategy and actions into the City’s planning and delivery of projects and services.

The council has recently committed to a range of initiatives in creating better green spaces including its commitment to planting 1 000 trees per year and upgrading play equipment. The working group will be an opportunity to embed these within a broader strategy and action plan for the next five or more years.


Council to invite local organisation to develop and share indigenous employment principles

The City of Fremantle will invite relevant Fremantle organisations to participate in the creation of a Fremantle Indigenous Employment & Reconciliation Compact.

The compact would allow relevant organisations in Fremantle to adopt a set of agreed employment and training principles which would then guide the member organisations in their operational approach to creating opportunities for indigenous Australians.

It is hoped that this will be a step towards ensuring Fremantle is a place:

  • that excels when it comes to indigenous education and employment
  • where people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are strongly represented in education, traineeships and jobs
  • where the leadership of the City and similar large organisations help to create the wider participation in this cause by many local businesses.

 The City of Fremantle has a strong and significant indigenous heritage and living culture and since 2009 has sought to strengthen this through a range of measures including direct engagement with traditional owners, the wider consideration and use of Noongar names within the civic landscape, an indigenous employment plan and the establishment of the Fremantle Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

It is recognised that a number of Fremantle organisations and employers have been similarly proactive in supporting indigenous inclusion and reconciliation. The Fremantle Indigenous Employment & Reconciliation Compact seeks to build on this work already done in a more formal way to encourage these principles more broadly across Fremantle.


Special Projects Committee to be established

Council has approve the establishment of a Special Projects Committee to consider and make recommendations to council on major projects of strategic significance to Fremantle, including matters relating to local government reform.

The committee will comprise members of the current Fremantle Council and will meet once per month in place of one of the current bi-monthly meetings of the Planning Services Committee.

The priority projects to be discussed by the committee are:

  • Local Government Reform process
  • City Centre (Activity Centre) Structure Plan
  • City Vision 2029 Plan
  • Integrated Transport Strategy
  • Green Plan
  • One Planet Council Strategy
  • Kings Square redevelopment
  • Planning Scheme Amendment – development controls relating to former Gas & Coke site and Woolstores Shopping Centre site
  • Planning Scheme Amendment to promote housing diversity
  • Victoria Quay precinct planning process
  • Stan Reilly precinct
  • Esplanade Master Plan review
  • Knutsford Street Depot site disposal/redevelopment process
  • Cantonment Hill Master Plan implementation projects
  • High Street upgrading
  • Waste Management Strategy
  • Any other matter outside the terms of reference of existing standing committees referred to the Committee by resolution of Council.

The committee will act in an advisory role and will not have delegated decision making authority from council.

Of particular importance is the impact of the Metropolitan Local Government Reform process, with final new local government entities and rules expected to be announced by the Minister for Local Government in August 2014. Assuming this process does proceed as anticipated, there will be a range of matters relating to planning for the implementation of the new local government entity for the Fremantle area that will require discussion and consideration by Fremantle elected members.

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6 Responses to Summary of Fremantle council meeting held 25 June 2014

  1. cathyhall2 says:

    SPC good move peeps…

  2. Lionel says:

    How about the SPC look at providing showers and taps along Leighton beach, north of the surf club? It is embarrassing to take guests there and explain to them that there is no water to wash with or drink. This is one of the busiest beaches in Perth and it is certainly the most under serviced. Even Bather’s beach has better facilities and that only caters to a small fraction of Leightion’s visitors. I can’t think of another bit of coast between Fremantle and Trigg that has so few facilities for visitors.

  3. Colin Nichol says:

    Memory can be faulty over years, but I seem to recall that as a kid, there was a tap at Leighton Beach.

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