A big week for Freo Council

This week was one of those weeks that felt big or at least stimulating and interesting.

First we finalised and pass our $97 million budget (http://www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/home/List_of_News_and_Media/2014/July/Council_adopts_balanced_97m_budget_with_emphasis_on_service_delivery )

There was also announcement that I had been appointed to the Heritage Council of Western Australia to represent the interests of local government. The media statement for this can be found here


Also this week the acting CEO Glen Dougall, Tim Milson from the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce and the Matt McNeilly from Sirona and I met with Dean Nalder the reasonably new Minister for Finance and Transport and I am pleased to report that he recommitted the State Government to moving a government department to Fremantle.

The Fremantle Council had been concerned this process was losing momentum pace so we were pleased to hear it was back as a high priority once again although the timeline in likely to be about 6 months longer than previously anticipated.

I also got the meet the new Director General of the Department of Planning Gail McGowan with SW Group CEO Mick McCarthy and discuss the importance of integrated land-use and transport planning for our region.

I finished the week with a meeting with the Premier Colin Barnett (wonderfully assisted by acting CEO Glen Dougall and Cr Doug Thompson) . This was also a positive meeting.

Sometimes in Fremantle you can’t help but feel we are not getting enough love from the State Government to realise our potential as Perth’s second city, but if we can make good on the commitments made this week then I think there are some very positive signs for partnership and progress on key issues.

It felt like a good week for Fremantle.

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8 Responses to A big week for Freo Council

  1. Aww that’s brilliant! Glad to hear there’s lots of positive vibes going on.

  2. Stevewells says:

    Hi Brad

    Congratulations on your appointment to the Heritage Council. Hopefully this will help to secure action to conserve and restore the many iconic buildings and sites in Fremantle such as the military houses currently behind metal screens and likewise the Warders Cottages.



  3. Michael McPhail says:

    Congrats on the appointment Brad. A boon for all of us.
    Cheers, Michael

  4. drelsey says:

    Finalising a budget is always satisfying so well done. It is even more so when rates go up an average of 5.9%. I live in North Fremantle and mine went up just under 10%.!!! Can you believe that. When the rest of the world is tightening the belt Fremantle crashes on as if the never ending funding from us poor rate payers will continue to fill the council’s coffers. Some constraint would be justified. The Mayor’s Blog indicates what a wonderful life he and the City leads as they participate in many esoteric ventures that have very little to do with the ordinary rate payer.


    Richard Elsey

  5. It’s a tough time for the retail industry the world over and we recognise this, although
    perception is much worse than reality in Freo’s case. The fact is the Fremantle CBD had
    more than double the amount of shops opening as compared to closing in the last 12
    months. To back this up, a retail vacancy audit late last year showed Freo had a lower
    vacancy rate than Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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