Freo and CODA applauded at national Urban Design Award

It was a huge day for Freo and Fremantle firm CODA at last night’s 2014 Australia Award for Urban Design, hosted by the Planning Institute of Australia.

First, the Fremantle Esplanade Youth Plaza was awarded in the category ‘Delivered outcome – small scale’. Judges described the project, by Convic and the City of Fremantle, as ‘a great example of a central, accessible public open space that provides a range of active, passive and social pursuits for all ages which is adaptable over time to meet evolving healthy and safe activities for a diversity of users with differing interests and abilities.’ The project was also praised for its sensitivity to the area’s history and culture. The judges wrote:

The design of the structures builds on Fremantle’s past and present themes of beach, brickworks, rail and maritime into forms, shapes, elements and materials and a diverse, engaging and aesthetically pleasing plaza space,”

Fremantle received a second acknowledgment with a commendation give to the King’s Square Urban Design Strategy by CODA Studio, the City of Fremantle and Creating Communities Australia.

“Fremantle’s city centre has sometimes difficult and controversial architectural, planning and urban design issues to be addressed in relating its intricate and nuanced character while allowing for the aspirational and optimistic development of the future. This innovative and creative project by Coda Studios, the City of Fremantle and Creating Communities Australia addresses a local issue and focuses on community involvement and crafted solutions to better understand and realize its opportunities. Working with businesses and other stakeholders, the solution redefined the balance between pedestrian and vehicular movement, with a focus on creating a place for people”

Finally, CODA appeared again in WA’s second commendation, this time a regional project, the Pilbara Vernacular Handbook, developed in collaboration with Landcorp.

Well done to all involved. Very well deserved.


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