A new species of crane

Is it bad that I’m so excited by this new blue crane in this tired part of Freo?


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7 Responses to A new species of crane

  1. Progress! 🙂

  2. johnwv says:

    I really liked the piling process that enabled the crane to work at the site.

  3. Colin Nichol says:

    We can only hope finds a mate and produces some more.

  4. Robert Bodkin says:

    Well there are a number of Good looking buildings around the immediately area that are listed or should . They include the Art Deco Garage and building occupied by the rug studio which extends its basement under Queen Victoria. (bet you dont know that). not seen in this picture is a very well kept private Victorian home and many others down Quarry St including the home Of the former Australian Treasurer, John Dawkins, Then the fabulous SEC Building and RARE Victorian Terrace houses and Seaman’s Building. These and many others will be debased by this ugly bulk edifice of concrete and slums of the future that will never see 100 + years. I and many others would rather Tired. or would love something that is not generic but really Fremantle. This is nothing but capitalism at work

  5. Steve Wells says:

    Good news Brad.

    Maybe the crane and its offspring can become a little more common around town!



  6. Lionel says:

    Care to comment on Andrew Sullivan’s proposed height changes to the McCabe street planning scheme? I realise you voted against the more ridiculous of the two changes, but it would be nice to hear what someone on the inside thinks.

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