The Future of Waste in Fremantle

According to the WA Waste Strategy, West Australians not only produces more waste per capita than any one else (over 2500 kg per person each year!) we also have the lowest rate for recovery and diversion from landfill of any mainland State, with only 32% of material being recovered, and the remaining 68% buried in landfill.

Clearly this has to change but the real debate is: what is the best way forward?

With Waste to Energy (waste incinerators that produce electricity) providers actively seeking environmental approvals and the SMRC’s composting system reaching the end of its life there is inevitably going to be some major changes in how Fremantle deals with its waste in the years ahead.

How do we ensure we use less, recycle and compost more, and ultimatley send less waste to landfill?

Come to the City of Fremantle Reception Room this Tuesday night at 6pm to find out more from the best minds in the game

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4 Responses to The Future of Waste in Fremantle

  1. Jane says:

    Have all the comments related to this post been removed?

  2. Brad Pettitt says:

    Weird. I’ll try and find out why. I know Roel had the same problem on his blog.

  3. Paul says:

    Cockburn are already working on this – providing education and subsidy for residents wishing to increase their diversion to landfill by converting food waste into worm food.

    I’m surprised that Freo don’t subsidise or provide discounts on rates for using rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, worm farms, composting or even just provide organic waste bins for residents.

    Surely this low hanging fruit is the first area to create change. I’m sure SMRC and Dicom would be happy to take organic waste bins – your waste diversion figures would skyrocket within months.

    Shopping Centres around Australia have seen their waste diversion figures almost double since capturing organic waste before it hits compactors. Landfill levies keep going up – organic waste collection is a no brainer.

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