Fremantle becomes joint first ‘One Planet Council’ in Australia

The City of Fremantle is one of only two local governments in Australia, and only the fourth in the world, to be officially certified as a One Planet Council, recognition which is reserved for exemplary regions around the globe who are leading the charge on sustainable living.  

One Planet Living is an internationally recognised benchmark for sustainability.  It provides a framework and plan of action for projects and organisations to make it easy, attractive and affordable for people to lead happy and healthy lives within Earth’s finite resources. Or to put it another way – there is only one planet’s worth of resources but most Australians live as if there is four planets and Fremantle making sure we reduce our ecological footprint.

The City of Fremantle’s existing actions, together with current sustainability strategies and policies, have been measured against the ten principles of One Planet Living and the Common International Targets used for the One Planet Council’s Program.  The City of Fremantle qualified as a ‘One Planet Council’ and has achieved International Leadership status within One Planet Council accreditation.

Linked to key metrics and indicators such as ecological foot-printing and the social determinants of health, the ten principles used by One Planet Living address everything from zero carbon and zero waste, through to culture, health and happiness.

As says Ed Cotter (Managing Director of One Planet Living) so nicely put it: “Certification against One Planet Living is a stamp of recognition reserved for international sustainability leaders striving to make one planet living a reality for people and organisations,”,

“The City of Fremantle has shown great leadership and vision on how local government can actually head the charge on sustainability through their diverse actions and strong targets, and by assessing themselves against the only metric that really matters – one planet living”.

As I hope you know the City of Fremantle has been working steadily towards best practice and leadership in sustainability at all levels and have had some significant achievements over the years, including becoming WA’s first carbon neutral council in WA in 2009

The One Planet accreditation is another signal to the community that Freo’s efforts are not token gestures or small talk, but worthwhile, effective and measurable. We now intend to forge ahead towards international certification and to continue to build on our strategy to hit the One Planet targets we’ve set by 2020.”

For more information on these commitments or for City of Fremantle residents or businesses interested in learning more about, or becoming involved in, One Planet Living visit or

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9 Responses to Fremantle becomes joint first ‘One Planet Council’ in Australia

  1. Paula amaral says:


  2. Diana Ryan says:

    Brad, with respect, this is seriously overblown.

    Fremantle cannot possibly have that status. This is just another one of those “award ceremonies”, and I genuinely think all this has become old now. Much like “World Mayor”, if you recall a while back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so ridiculous as that website, let alone that concept.

    There is no way any area on earth is super fabulous, to the likes of this kind of tick boxing.

    Its attention seeking on their part first, and they are who now? Secondly its has some merit, some, but not a huge amount. Just another thing we point to for a short period.

    Don’t you think its time to move on from “there’s an award for everything and we’ve just picked up an award for something” credibility clutching? The only people that parrot this news, apart from the appallingly limited reaching of The Fifth Estate is some other person who writes articles and has to list something.

    And anyway, I thought we were all supposed to be nothing compared to Vancouver? ;->

    • Diana. I don’t share your cynicism and think this is bit harsh on the great Freo staff who have pulled this together. I can’t think of a better rigorous process than this one which tracks how we are tracking towards only using one planets resources.

      • Diana Ryan says:

        Oh, please – the cynicism line, again, Brad? There is no way Freo even remotely hits these high notes from who now? It’ll be something else tomorrow. I have to wonder why you need validation so much and what exactly did the staff “pull together”? I’ve read your carbon neutral certification, back in the day. It was full of caveats from the certifier. Freo is just another place, Brad, with some good, some bad, and that’s about it (much the same as everywhere else).

      • Diana, while you are welcome to your view I would suggest a quick read over the substance of the One Planet Fremantle certification (it is not another “award ceremonies” as you put it) will show this is a robust and coherent approach to sustainability and one of which I am proud to be part of:

  3. Mario Palandri says:

    So the banks like Myers will quit Fremantle too?

  4. Mario Palandri says:

    As a ratepayer I’m getting worried about what the staff are being directed to do! Just having re-read the Local Government Act that is!!!

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