One week, three announcements and some good moves towards Fremantle’s innovative future.

There have been some exciting and inspiring announcements in Fremantle this week.

First, tonight The Mantle will open its doors. The Mantle is a very funky and innovative new hospitality business on the cnr of James and Beach streets in the East End of Fremantle. A few of us got a sneak peak inside last night (see photo) and it looks amazing. It has a small bar, restaurants including a relocated Don Tapa, a commercial kitchen for hire, and shared work spaces – and it looks fantastic.

Another business that also opened this week is a semi-secret concept store which also acts as a cultural hub combining high-end streetwear (exclusive to the WA & Australian market), specialty coffee, and even a secret barbershop. I’m not going to show you any photos of this because you need to be as pleasantly surprised as I was but the address is Basement, 1 Pakenham Street. Look for the hourglass symbol on the semi-secret basement door!

Finally this week there was also a very pleasing announcement that that construction for the renewal of the Dalgety Woolstores (aka Fort Knox) will commence in mid-December this year which is great news (see photo mock-up of courtyard). This great re-use of an iconic Fremantle heritage building will also bring several hundred extra people into the centre of Freo.

What all of these great new projects have in common is the kind of innovative, bespoke and creative approach that we are encouraging to be at the heart of Fremantle’s new retail, hospitality and apartment developments. Each of these projects is hip, urban, and unique and I love how each of them in their own way is reusing and reactivating Fremantle amazing heritage spaces.

Well done to all involved. Check them out.

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