Latest update from Committee for Perth including Future Freo

The FACTBase team is currently finalising the 40th FACTBase Bulletin. Since we started on this joint venture research program, they have examined a variety of issues including the economy, our place in the globe and many issues relating to Perth’s demographic character.  Most recently they have completed a series of three research reports looking at income levels across the metropolitan area.

Their insightful work has helped further discussion about advantage and disadvantage across the Perth and Peel regions.

What the research has shown is that if Perth’s haves and have nots continue in the current spatial form this will not be our story. We will have a huge geographical divide between those that have money and all that comes with that and those that don’t. Entrenched poverty versus privilege is where we are headed, a very sobering thought indeed.

We believe that there’s no better place to find solutions to these vexed issues than in Fremantle – a historic maritime city with working class roots that is now at a turning point to re-establish itself as Perth’s second city – a place to live, work and play that will rival the rest of Perth. This is what made the recent launch of Future Freo, our first sub-regional project, so exciting.

Businessman and arts philanthropist Adrian Fini OAM will chair the kick off meeting of the Future Freo Steering Committee later this month when they will sign off on the research to be undertaken to create a fact base for Fremantle. You can read more about the project below.

…The landmark Future Freo project that will use evidenced based research and a consultative approach to closely examine greater Fremantle.

Setting aside the anecdotal commentary about the Fremantle region’s strengths and weaknesses, the year-long project will culminate in a data rich report.

Our first sub region project will present data on Fremantle as it is today as well as identify opportunities and challenges to ensure that the region is an economically sustainable and vibrant place to live, work, play and invest for current and future generations.

The decision to examine Fremantle’s economic, social, demographic and political character has the support of a number of key local organisations who understand that having better information available will help shape decisions for the region that can have a positive impact for all.

The Future Freo funding partners and members of the Steering Committee include:

  • Adrian Fini OAM, Chair
  • Graeme Mackenzie, CEO, City of Fremantle
  • Brad Pettitt, Mayor, City of Fremantle
  • Kieran Wong, Design Director and Co-Founder, CODA
  • Ra Stewart , President, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce
  • Celia Hammond, Vice Chancellor, The University of Notre Dame
  • Matthew McNeilly, Managing Director, Sirona Capital
  • Alison Coates, Manager Business & Port Planning, Fremantle Ports
  • Lloyd Clark, Managing Director, Match
  • Lauren Burwood, Corporate Affairs Manager, Mermaid Marine
  • Marion Fulker, CEO, Project Manager, Committee for Perth
  • Georgia Harford-Mills, Research Officer, Committee for Perth


You can find more information on the project via the project overview at  and

future freo funders












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3 Responses to Latest update from Committee for Perth including Future Freo

  1. diana ryan says:

    Brad, I have asked this question three times, but have yet to hear anything back.

    Scott Ludlam’s “convert to rent” was an interesting idea – also suitable for Freo I would have thought – yet apparently the demo model the City of Fremantle was to undertake has not eventuated. I believe you said no suitable building was found?

    Can you pls explain why no building was deemed suitable to convert to rent? What the issues were?

    Can you also pls provide any detail on what the Council will now undertake, viz-a-viz this interesting concept of Ludlam’s, to progress it another way?

    It certainly deserves a chance to be trialled.


    • The City of Freo did examine the potential for upstairs conversions of heritage buildings in central Fremantle but almost all of what the City owned and controlled was already commercially leased (as was the majority of the private stock interestingly)
      Of the empty upstairs areas we could not get the owners of these buildings interested in participating in this project. This was in part because of the cost that was recently exacerbated new BCA regulations in WA.
      Our focus now is on ground level activation but will probably revisit this down the track.


  2. diana ryan says:

    Thank you. I hope you do revisit this, and certainly as relates reserving future space when leases come up for renewal, if city properties suitable.

    Most “affordable” housing options are a lot more expensive to procure and benefit from than ideas like Ludlam’s.

    Brad, there seems only business sector and two council reps on the new Committee for Perth/Freo project. If the imbalance in housing provision/affordability is to be addressed, why are reps from groups like Form, Foundation Housing, St Pats not a part of this group?

    Very impressive groups, are pulling off amazing projects in your area as we speak, of course.

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