Herald front page creates unnecessary fright on height in North Freo

The front page story of the Fremantle Herald “Height Fight” was riddled with inaccuracies this week that need to be corrected lest it create an unnecessary community fright!

Fundamentally the Fremantle planning committee didn’t support greater heights of 42m as the Fremantle Herald reported. Instead the planning committee voted for the lower maximum height of 33m (even though 42m was the City of Fremantle staff recommendation). The planning committee also voted to keep the height on Taskers at 25m and not increase it to 29m.

As Prof Miranda Grounds indicated in the Fremantle Herald story a 33m building done well on the Matlida Bay site with cafes and restaurants is “closer to the mark” in terms of heights that she and, I believe, most in the community could support. This certainly was the thinking of the overwhelming majority of planning committee members.

The former industrial area on McCabe St and Stirling Hwy area inNorth Freo does offer the potential for some greater density as a clear entry statement to Fremantle provided it is done well to reduce building bulk, over-shadowing  and key traffic concerns. More detailed work needs to be done but I think the broad policy is on the right track for addressing these issues.

McCabe St

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6 Responses to Herald front page creates unnecessary fright on height in North Freo

  1. freoview says:

    It would be good if the Herald actually attended council and committee meetings. It might help more accurate reporting.

    Roel Loopers

  2. Lionel says:

    Whilst I agree the paper got a lot of facts wrong, the truth is that 33m is still too high. The 42m high limit is just a straw man introduced by Andrew Sullivan to make the 33m seem palatable. The original suggestion by the city officers of 24m (based on their findings after actually consulting the community) is a much more suitable result.

    • Lee Barker says:

      Thanks Brad. Everyone i know makes a joke about the Herald and the approach the writers take. Its a pathetic paper. If it didn’t land in people’s letter box for free it wouldn’t survive. The model that you and others are taking is clearly improving our city on so many fronts. Lets not give the few squeaky wheels too much oil. Just enough to help the noise pollution. Thanks.

  3. Lee Barker says:

    Why is 24m ok and 33 too high? That’s crazy. The design and content makes so much difference. To simply argue height based on a number is nieve.

    • Lionel says:

      Because the heritage component of the existing building is 17m. 33m is double that and is out of scale where as 24m fits nicely with the existing building and its surround. I would support a greater footprint at the lower height, resulting in the same amount of dwellings.

  4. Damien says:

    Its people like John Dowson who keep running down Freo and make it difficult to make progress with regard to heights and much needed development. Keep those old doomsayers honest Brad. Good work

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