Below is our regular summarised version of the monthly meeting of Freo Council which is at 6pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month if you ever want to come along. Thanks to the staff for pulling this together. Enjoy.

Draft local planning policy adopted for former Kim Beazley school site development

Council has adopted a draft planning policy to guide residential development of the former Kim Beazley school site in White Gum Valley.

The new residential estate will provide a wide range of dwellings to support diverse and affordable housing in White Gum Valley. It will also include the winning design of the Gen Y demonstration house competition, to be built on Lot 7.

Some of the key components of the draft policy include:

  • reduced street setbacks
  • open space and visual privacy requirements
  • prescribed locations for boundary walls and garages
  • higher quality outdoor living areas with guaranteed solar access
  • communal open space
  • a strong street presence.

The planning policy can be commented on here http://www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/cityoffremantle/Community_engagement/Community_consultation_projects/2014/Lpp315


The proposed City of Fremantle Local Planning Policy 3.15 – Former Kim Beazley school site – White Gum Valley (LPP3.15)  applies to the former Kim Beazley School Site at Lot 2089 Stevens Street and the adjoining drainage reserve at Lot 2065 Hope Street, White Gum Valley.

The area is 2.29ha in area and is located approximately 2.5 kilometres east of Fremantle, positioned between the Royal Fremantle Golf Course/ Booyeembarra Park and existing residential development.

The site is zoned ‘development zone’ under the City’s Local Planning Scheme and on 12 August 2014 the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) approved theWhite Gum Valley former Kim Beazley school site Local Structure Plan (LSP) over the site for final adoption.

A subsequent subdivision approval for 28 lots, including four larger freehold lots for the purpose of facilitating future grouped dwellings, was given by the WAPC on 1 September 2014.


Draft Victoria Quay precinct plans

Council has considered precinct plans for the Victoria Quay Commercial Precinct, the Fremantle Station Precinct and the Pioneer Park Precinct and has given approval for City officers to prepare a draft submission on the three precinct plans.

The draft submission will be presented to council at a later date for endorsement, following which it will be sent to the Western Australian Planning Commission as the City’s official submission.

The vision for the precinct is:

To open the way for revitalising the Victoria Quay Commercial Precinct, the Fremantle Railway Station area and Pioneer Park as a vibrant and inviting quarter of Fremantle, embracing its heritage, achieving enhanced connections between the waterfront and the city centre and enabling sustainable economic, social and environmental outcomes.”


Preparation of draft precinct plans for the Victoria Quay Commercial Precinct, the Fremantle Station and Pioneer Park areas has been underway since 2012. The project has been coordinated by Fremantle Ports with input from the Public Transport Authority and the City of Fremantle and undertaken by a consultant team led by CODA.

Draft final plans for the Victoria Quay and Station precincts have now been submitted by Fremantle Ports and the Public Transport Authority to the Western Australian Planning Commission for approval.  The Pioneer Park Precinct is within the City of Fremantle’s area of planning responsibility and therefore will need to be addressed by the City and incorporated into its City Centre Activity Centre Structure Plan that is currently in preparation before being submitted for approval to the WAPC.

While the overall project area has been divided into three precincts to reflect the different ‘landowner’ for each area – Fremantle Ports, the Public Transport Authority and the City of Fremantle – the three plans have been developed simultaneously as development in each of these precincts impacts on adjacent precincts.

Draft Integrated Transport Strategy discussed

Council has discussed the draft City of Fremantle Integrated Transport Strategy which, following further work, will be advertised for public comment.

The strategy draws together strategic land-use and transport planning work that has taken place in recent years and provides a broad overview of councils position on a range of transport issues and opportunities.

The plan considers such things as:

  • an integrated and strategic approach to transport and land use planning activities; acknowledging that they are fundamentally linked
  • a rapid transit light rail network in City policy, enabling the City and other agencies to plan for its long-term delivery and optimise the land use potential of primary transit corridors
  • the  development of walking and cycling environments that provide for and promote active transport
  • a road network that supports a balanced and holistic transport network, with an emphasis on prioritising public and active transport especially in the Fremantle city centre.


The development of an Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) is one of the projects identified in the Council’s 2010-15 Strategic Plan under the transport strategic imperative – “Lead in the provision of environmentally and economically sustainable transport solutions”.

The strategy is not intended to address every detailed transportation issue, nor replace more operational level plans such as the Bicycle Plan, local area traffic management schemes or parking plans, but will help inform the future preparation and review of such operational level plans.

Working group appointed for short-term activation of Cantonment Hill area

The Cantonment Hill Activation Working Group has now been formalised to assess and provide recommendations to council on ways to activate the Cantonment Hill area while further planning and implementation of the large-scale Cantonment Hill Master Plan takes place.

The group will look at various suggestions put forward in a public expression of interest process to activate the area by way of short-term commercial leases. Some of the concepts put forward included:

  • reactivation of the signal station for a volunteer purpose
  • an indoor rock climbing facility
  • a creative community hub
  • convertible venue space
  • a circus school
  • entrepreneurship
  • learning facilities
  • an organic garden café.


An expression of interest calling for submissions to activate the Cantonment Hill Reserve was advertised, closing on Monday 26 May 2014. The implementation of selected tenants will ensure passive surveillance with the possibility of long-term activation whilst the master plan continues to be implemented at the reserve

The City received four submissions in line with the advertised scope to activate the reserve with interest shown to all available buildings and some of the open space.


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