Draft new Freo integrated transport strategy wants your feedback

It’d be fair to say that transport issues – be it parking, bikes or closing the cappuccino strip are issues that not only are Freo people can be pretty passionate about but are issues that have the potential to define Freo’s future.

That is why on the back of the 2029 community visioning and as a way of pulling Fremantle’s seemingly diverse transport challenges the City of Fremantle has developed a draft integrated transport strategy, which is available for public comment until Friday 12 December 2014.

The plan sets out how Freo will transition toward a connected and more sustainable city. It will guide Freo’s decision making on transport projects and infrastructure over coming years. Amongst other things it advocates for mass rapid transit between Fremantle and Cockburn Coast and Freo and Murdoch and a freight transport plan to support port operations whilst minimising adverse impacts on communities along rail and road routes.

We are interested to hear your thoughts on the integrated transport strategy:

  • What aspects of the strategy do you agree with?
  • What do you think needs further improvement?
  • Is there anything that is missing from the strategy?
  • Are there any general comments you’d like to make about the strategy?


Over the next couple of posts I’ll write some more in-depth reflections on Freo and its transport challenge which will hopefully at least provoke a submission one way or the other. Key to this is a shift in mode that is towards walking, cycling and public transit and less about the private car.

Freo mode share targets

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5 Responses to Draft new Freo integrated transport strategy wants your feedback

  1. Belinda says:

    The path alongside the rail line in South Freo but needs shade. Also in South Freo walking up and down South Tce between shops, cafes etc there needs to be more shade. It is HOT for half the year and the heat is a major deterent to walking.

  2. johnwv says:

    I’m looking forward to putting up a case and seeing more discussion on reinstate the North Fremantle and Leighton Stations as they were, before they were amalgamated into one station midway between the two original locations.

    With the Northbank established, the North Freo QV precinct revitalising and the future Onesteel development on the drawing board its time in fact well overdue to commence a discussion to put the stations back where the population density is. It’s common sense really.

    I understand stations are funded by the State Government, but its a discussion that should be generated from Fremantle.and including it in an integrated transport strategy would be good.

  3. Mike Moulding says:

    I’m all for more access for walking and cycling, but think public transport still has a huge potential.
    I hope we can integrate the existing rail line down to Cockburn and run light rail along it with out affecting access to the ocean. Recycle and reuse.

  4. Kevin Hodge says:

    I am an old Fremantleite lived and worked there for 35 years , now live in Mandurah but frequently visit my old home town using our fantastic train system , get a very slow bus from Murdoch , a more rapid transit into Fremantle would be much appreciated maybe from Murdoch or Cockburn .

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