Night Hoops for youth in Freo and Cockburn hits the grounding bouncing

Great to hear that the Night Hoops for youth in Freo and Cockburn is going from strength to strength. In just three weeks the program has doubled its participant base from 24 0n the first night to 49 last Saturday. Congratulations to Brad Robbins and the team for doing an exceptional job in running it.

The social capital built up in Freo over many years is absolutely shining through with more volunteers putting their hands up to be involved than there are positions to be filled. This is something that is only going to grow. Our Aboriginal participation is very strong too.


Participants: 49

Workshop: Sports Medicine Aus.

Volunteers: 16

Topic: Taping

49 Participants came down to Cockburn Basketball

stadium on the weekend and participated in the first

Night Hoops tournament.

The kids are starting to “buy in” and take pride in

their jerseys showing respect to their team mates and


We managed to save almost $150 on food compared

to last week as we seem to have found a pizza

restaurant that will work with us, giving us a fantastic


The workshop was in my eyes the highlight of the


Sports Medicine Australia came out and facilitated a

fantastic session. The kids were super engaged. They

learnt how to strap fingers and hands.

The girls finished the session with a race to see who

could strap a hand the fastest competing against the

participants. Naturally the kids loved the competition

and we had a few Night Hoops winners.

Next week we have motivational speaker Rob Pike to

give a short presentation to each group. At the age

of 17 he survived a horrific car accident in which he

lost three friends and both of his legs. Rob tells his

story about overcoming setbacks and dreaming big.

night hoops

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