Conservation to start on convict-built warders’ cottages

This press release is from the Heritage Minister

  • New life planned for the 15 Warders’ Cottages in central Fremantle
  • $2 million to conserve, modernise and return cottages to active use
  • Work on drainage and limestone walls top priority

Work will soon start on bringing new life to the convict-built Warders’ Cottages in central Fremantle.


Heritage Minister Albert Jacob said the State Heritage Office had lodged a development application with the City of Fremantle as the first step towards the conservation and revitalisation of these heritage-listed cottages.

“These initial works are a priority and essential to protecting the fabric of the buildings which were built in the 1850s,” Mr Jacob said.

“The works will address drainage issues, and remove cement and plastic paint from the limestone walls to allow the limestone to breathe and prevent water damage.”

The work on the Warders’ Cottages is part of the State Government’s commitment to ensure languishing publicly owned heritage buildings have a viable future.

In May 2014, the Government launched Heritage Works, Australia’s first Heritage Revolving Fund, to allow disused State and local government-owned heritage properties to be prepared for sale or lease in a way that optimises the heritage, financial and community benefits.

When launched, Premier Colin Barnett announced that $4 million would be allocated in the State Budget over two years to establish the program.  The first major project was the State heritage-listed Warders’ Cottages with $2 million allocated to conserve, modernise and return the 15 cottages to active use.

The State Heritage Office has been working with the Department of Finance’s Building Management and Works and the City of Fremantle to commission Stage 1 of the works.

“These initial works are essential to unlock the cottages for future use,” the Minister said.

“The Government will decide the most appropriate use of the cottages in mid-2015.”

A development application is a request for approval to carry out proposed development or alteration works to a building.  Actual work on the cottages is expected to start in the first quarter of 2015, after development approval is obtained.

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One Response to Conservation to start on convict-built warders’ cottages

  1. Nige says:

    I don’t know how you expect us to be excited or happy about a project that was announced over six months ago. That was clear to see was needed, to had action taken YEARS ago, is only just moved into gear.
    I’m not pointing the finger at the Mayor, the Council, the State Government, or the State Conservation Council (or what / who ever the controlling authority is called. I just think such an important, iconic area should be,at least maintained.
    Not just for Fremantle, not just for West Australia. But for Australia as a whole.

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