Full Freo 2029 Visioning Report now available

The Fremantle 2029 Community Visioning Project was a community engagement process which aimed to involve a wide range of Fremantle people including those who are not normally  engaged in the future of Fremantle.

I think it’d be fair to say it partially succeeded with close to 1 000 people attended five major workshops and three stakeholder forums. Many of those hadn’t been to a Fremantle Council  event like this before. It is my hope that  visioning made the most of Fremantle’s extraordinary local talent and knowledge and participants all go to have their say on key Fremantle issues and to be informed about the long term strategic issues facing council.

Six key themes were distilled from the various discussions, ideas and priority issues identified by participants throughout the visioning process. There were 17 discussion topics that generated a range of ideas among participants.

The full report which you can now down load also provides council comment and a brief status update in response to the ideas raised. The themes and actions that emerged from this visioning process have been used and will continue to be used to inform the council’s long term strategic planning and priority projects.

The issues most frequently mentioned by participants during the workshops included:

  • slowing traffic and making the city better for pedestrians, cyclists and improving public transport
  • supporting independent small business and the creative sector
  • protecting and enhancing the natural environment, green spaces and heritage features of the city
  • improving the connectivity around Fremantle, especially to the waterfront.

Since the visioning workshops took place, Freo council has implemented or initiated a number of priority projects that were identified as important to participants. These include establishing the Future Freo collaboration, the Green Plan Review, the new Integrated Transport Strategy and the soon-to-be released Freo 2029 Transformative Moves document.Fremantle Council will also be developing a new economic development strategy and a 2015-20 strategic plan.

As we go forward it’s important that the information and views collected through the Fremantle 2029 Community Visioning Project are filtered through a range of policies, programs and initiatives that can be implemented by the Fremantle Council, the Fremantle BID and community organisations.

Achieving our shared vision is inevitably the result of hundreds of smaller choices and we hope this visioning document is useful to inform the choices we make over the years ahead as we make Fremantle into the city we want by 2029.

Full report can be downloaded at   http://www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/cityoffremantle/Fremantle_2029_Community_Visioning_Project/Community_report_%E2%80%93_December_2014


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3 Responses to Full Freo 2029 Visioning Report now available

  1. Lionel says:

    Total waste of money. There is nothing in that report of note. The funniest bit is the ‘current status’ of every community ‘do’. Almost everyone one claims the City is already doing what the community suggested. I don’t know how much money this cost but it is a waste of my rates and gives zero insight into Fremantle in 15 years.

    • Lionel. Were you able to make some of the sessions. If so did the report accurately capture the ideas you put forward as freo goes forward?
      This report is an accurate reflection of what hundreds of participants had to say.
      Council will be developing these further into a key transformative moves report to be released in early 2015.

      • Lionel says:

        I am sure the report is an accurate reflection of what hundreds of participants had to say. I am not so sure it was worth $80,000.

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