‘Urban Winery Project’ at the Mantle

The Mantle have come up with another fabulous idea to add to their already great mix of food and wine loving activities (which includes Don Tapa and Alter Ego bar) down on the cnr of Beach and James Streets in Freo’s East End.

They are calling the new project the ‘Urban Winery Project’ and here is how it works.


The aim is to create a small-scale fully functional urban winery in Fremantle in

late January through to mid-February. This will involve three different parts of the

process: Creating, Tasting & Bottling.


Over two to three weeks we will create two batches of wine. Each week we will

handpick 500kg of white/red (rose) fruit from Margaret River or the Swan Valley.

The fruit will be transported to Fremantle and basket pressed into a wall of large

coloured 25 litre glass demijohns. Each demijohn will be slightly different in style

with different yeasts added to each providing different flavour profiles. Restaurant

goers will be able to taste and smell the ferments as they progress from juice into

wine. This wine will then be combined into a barrel after 6 days to finish

fermentation and maturation.


People will be able to taste the grape juice and fermenting juice made at The

Mantle. There will be two barrels of finished wine from the 2014 vintage: A

naturally barrel fermented Chardonnay and The Portuguese Pirate blend, a

mixture of three odd Portuguese varieties; Touriga Nacional, Tinta Cao and Sousao.

People will be able to taste these wines from the barrel and buy un-fined, unfiltered,

natural wine while they enjoy dinner, by the glass or the Carafe. There will also be

four wines for tasting by the bottle: 2013 Chardonnay, 2013 CBDB, 2014 Albino

Pinot, 2013 Portuguese Pirate blend. People can purchase wine flights for dinner or

purchase the bottles for dinner in the Restaurants.


Towards the end of the process we will hand fill, label and wax-seal the remaining

wine from the 2014 barrels. We will pour the wine into the Demijohns for different

restaurants in the city and into bottles for people who tasted the wine from the

barrel and want to take some of the natural un-fined, unfiltered goodness home

with them.

las vino

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