FREO ROYALE – Fringe World in Fremantle from February 4th – 15th

FREO ROYALE brings Fringe World to the punters of Fremantle from February 4th – 15th welcoming the best of cabaret, theatre, comedy, music and art into our port city.

FREO ROYALE is an independent festival site proudly supported by the City of Fremantle and presented by Vulture Culture.

They have brought together a community of artists, producers and businesses through the presentation of over 100 performances in 10 iconic venues across Fremantle.

I am very excited to finally have fringe in Freo. It’d be fair to say Freo people have been pushing for this for a few years now.

The heart of FREO ROYALE will be “KINGS SQUARE COMMON”, as the space just outside MANY 6160 (Old Myer Building) transforms into the hub of the festival with a pop-up bar, delicious food and markets

Here are my five (only partially informed) picks so make sure you check out for the full program.

  1. A fringe festival isn’t complete without a freaky circus show. CIRCUS FREAK SHOW is at Creatures Nextdoor from 5 Feb to 8 Feb 2015 – people contorting into small boxes, machete juggling blind – you get the idea;
  2. I’ve been a fan of John Safran since he came last in the ABC’s Race Around the World. On Feb 6- 7 he brings his show MURDER IN MISSISSIPPI to Victoria Hall. It is the true story of how he met a white supremacist, befriended his black killer and wrote an award-winning book about it;
  3. Also at Victoria Hall is PUPPET FICTION. Described as the ultimate Tarantino homage – Pulp Fiction with strings attached. You can see this award-winning hit show from NZ in the 3 part series or full 3 hour show;
  4. Corey White’s  STRAYA I LOVE YA BUT YOUR BREAKING ME DOWN at the Sail and Anchor get’s a mention for having the most controversial poster of the season so far (see below);
  5. No fringe is complete without a late night gala. THE FREO ROYALE LATE NIGHT GALA is on at 11pm on the 6th and Friday the 13th of Feb. What could possibly go wrong! A perfect late night feast featuring snippets from upcoming Fringe performances including comedy, cabaret, music and everything in between.


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