Summary of the January Fremantle Council meeting


Below is  summary kindly prepared by the CIty fo Freo media team of key aspects of the most recent ordinary meeting of Freo Council

The full agenda and minutes of this and previous meetings (as they become available) can be found in the agendas and minutes section of the City’s website.


High Street Mall upgrade

Council has committed $275,000 to upgrading the public realm and infrastructure of Fremantle’s High Street Mall to attract retailers and shoppers back to the area. Local landowners have also agreed to contribute at least $50,000 collectively to the revitalisation.

$175,000 will be allocated to urgent upgrades to take place in 2015/16 and will include improvements such as:

·       entry statements at one or both ends

·       improved public seating

·       improved bicycle racks

·       more shaded areas

·       better quality and more discrete rubbish bins

·       improved alfresco area demarcation (e.g. planter boxes)

·       way-finding and signage for visitors

·       improve lighting of public spaces

·       up-lighting of buildings.

·       enhancing  the existing treescape and implementing shaping and pruning to improve lines of sight

·       Other elements (such as power supply) identified as being vital to the performance of the mall.


$100,000 (plus the owners’ contribution) will be allocated to desirable improvements to include:

·       a major feature attraction such as a water feature or public art piece

·       feature paving of a much higher quality.

Design works and concepts for the upgrades will be developed in consultation with the owners of the adjacent properties and agreed prior the commencement of works.


The High Street Mall is at the heart of Fremantle’s city centre, connecting Kings Square to Market Street. Once a ‘hub’ of retail activity, the mall is now facing a range of challenges including high vacancies, a lacklustre tenant mix, an increasingly difficult and competitive retail landscape, low visitation and limited attractions.

As a result, the mall’s three major property owners, together with the City, have been working collaboratively to develop a revitalisation strategy which includes a commitment by property owners to take collaborative action to achieve the required retail mix through branding and leasing strategies. To supplement these actions, the property owners requested the City upgrade the public realm of the mall early in the 2015/16 financial year to tie in with the redeveloped Atwell Arcade.

The revitalisation presents an opportunity for the City to use the High Street Mall upgrade as a forerunner to the imminent Kings Square redevelopment, and to provide sufficient time for the mall to become established as a major retail node of Fremantle before other major developments in Fremantle are delivered.

Rezoning of Burt Street area to provide housing diversity

To promote greater diversity in housing options in Fremantle, council has endorsed an amendment to its local planning scheme (Amendment 57) which will see the residential density coding of 19-21 and 23-25 Burt Street, Fremantle move from R60 up to R160.

After carefully considering a range of public submissions, council made several changes to the original proposal including reducing building heights over one of the three areas covered by the rezoning. The City has also committed to a detailed traffic management assessment of the area and will provide additional guidance to ensure an appropriate balance between developer outcomes and community needs.

Council sees the provision of higher density unit-style developments as a key way to slow down Perth’s growing urban sprawl and to address Perth’s housing affordability problem. The City will now request the Minister for Planning grant final consent.


The land at 19-21 and 23-25 Burt Street is owned by the Department of Housing (DoH) who had previously proposed to enter into a legal agreement with the City of Fremantle to secure specific outcomes from a redevelopment of the site at the proposed higher density of R160.

Subsequent to this, the DoH then advised the City it was no longer prepared to execute a legal agreement linked to the scheme amendment as originally advertised. The modification to the amendment was deemed significant enough to require re-advertising for public comment and the Minister for Planning directed that the amendment be re-advertised prior to the Minister’s final determination.

The modified amendment was placed out for public comment and 69 submissions were received: 14 from state service providers, two from non-government organizations/local business, and 53 from private citizens both within the City and Town of East Fremantle.

The DoH is proposing a redevelopment comprising of a mix of social rental housing, other ‘affordable housing’ tenures such as shared equity and subsidised private rental housing, and market housing for sale.


Port Beach artificial wave a step closer

The City of Fremantle will lease a portion of the Port Beach Reserve to Flow House Fremantle to establish an artificial wave (commonly referred to as a ‘flowrider’).

Council saw this as an innovative way to activate the area with the facility operating all year round and catering for learners, recreational users and professionals. The facility will be open for classes, excursions, events and parties and an on-site café will cater only to patrons of the facility so not to conflict with nearby Salt Restaurant’s kiosk. A retail surf shop will be open to the general public.

The flowrider will have the capacity to cater for two people at a time with all equipment, including boards, provided by Flow House.


The City received an application from Flow House Fremantle that outlined the concept of developing an artificial wave commonly known as a flowrider, which would be accompanied by a retail surf shop and café.

The lease will be subject to development application approval as well as approval from the Department of Environmental Regulation and will require Ministerial approval. The development must commence and be completed within 24 months of lease commencement date.


Tenders awarded for new Leighton Beach Kiosk and change rooms 

CPD Group has been appointed (via public tender) to build the new Leighton Beach change rooms and kiosk for a total cost of ~$1.8m.

The project is the next stage of the redevelopment that commenced in 2010 to renew and revitalise the facilities at Leighton Beach. The components of the redevelopment include:

·        new change rooms

·        family rooms

·        a new kiosk

·        landscaping and conservation

·        enhanced water management

·        universal beach access.

The project is expected to be completed over the next eight months with portable toilets and showers available for the duration of the works.


The existing facilities at Leighton Beach were deemed unfit for their purpose and through a significant community engagement program with key stakeholder groups a brief was developed for the area.

Planning of the project embraced the need to upgrade public facilities and access in an area which is much loved and well patronised by the community.

Council supports small bar lease at heritage-listed weighbridge station

Council has agreed in principle to a 15 year lease of the heritage-listed weighbridge station at 2 Phillimore Street, Fremantle.

Subject to further lease negotiations, development applications and liquor licence approvals, the weighbridge will be transformed into a New York style small bar and café for no more than 75 patrons. Should the liquor licence not be successful the applicant will activate the premises as a café.

The applicant has acknowledged that the property is heritage listed and will act to preserve its heritage nature under the direction of the City’s Heritage Coordinator.


The Weighbridge Station was historically used as entrance to the Fremantle Ports where goods and containers were weighed prior to entry. The property is registered on the State Heritage Register and controlled by a management order giving the City power to lease or licence to a term no more than twenty one (21) years.

The weighbridge station is in need of complete restoration works with no current connection to water or sewer. The premises were offered in an “as is” condition through the expression of interest advertisement.  The scope was for groups, organisations, businesses or individuals to activate the building and take financial responsibility for all costs associated with restoration of the infrastructure, additional service requirements, planning approval and statutory requirements.

The City received four submissions that were short listed and given a period of six weeks in which to complete due diligence. Of the three applicants that confirmed interest in progressing with their submission, the application from David Anthony & Alex Gilliam was selected to proceed with further negotiations for a small bar lease.


‘Sets on the Beach’ coming to Freo

Council has approved a request by event organisers of the popular Sets on the Beach to hold their 2015 event at Port Beach.

The 18 and over ticketed (and fully fenced) event will be held south of Salt on the Beach on Sunday 22 March 2015 from 1.30 pm until 9.00 pm and will include a concert using local and international DJs and food and drink offerings.

The event organisor will pay full council rates for hire of the portion of the beach and will be required to prepare and submit comprehensive risk and traffic management plans as well as conduct ‘industrial raking’ after the event to ensure no rubbish is left in the event area (there will be no glass served at the event).


Off World Productions have been hosting Sets on the Beach successfully at Scarborough Beach for two years. Their home of Scarborough Beach has become unavailable due to imminent major works. The City of Stirling provided a glowing testimonial and recommendation for the event organisers and their event.

The area is considered to be ideal for a professionally managed event due to its relative isolation. The environmental values of the coastal vegetation and general area will be protected through the use of fencing.







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4 Responses to Summary of the January Fremantle Council meeting

  1. Lionel says:

    You do realise that flowriders don’t cater to surfers as they are nothing like surfing? They are far closer to snowboarding (although much less fun). These sorts of things might have a novelty appeal to some tourists but this will be a ghost town over winter. If you really want to provide a world class surfing attraction you should consult some surfers first.

    • I assume the proponents who came to Council with idea think there will be plenty of interest from people to give to give it a go. Surfing ideas – bring them on but can they work a bit more regularly than the cable stations reef please!

      • Lionel says:

        The artificial reef is the best wave in Perth when there is swell. If the hippies from Freo hadn’t been so concerned about costal erosion then the artificial reef could have been linked to the natural reef inside and created a classic wave that breaks year round. Another case of bureaucratic bungling.

        If you really want the surf dollar then lobby to finish that project properly. From memory it only cost about 1.5million – pretty cheap considering the amount of money spent on other sports in this state.

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