So what now… a quick post poll amalgamation evaluation.

First, if you haven’t heard  -the amalgamation with East Fremantle  is off. Of the 5178 East Freo electors 54.68% sent in a vote.  24.07% of these voted yes  for an amalgamation and 75.93% voted no.


So where to now? Now the poll is over we will also be putting out some info correcting the record in response to often ridiculous claims of the East Fremantle “vote no” campaign.

As for how Fremantle’s boundaries end up – we are not sure. It will largely depend on what the State Government does but the Fremantle Council will be asking that the other boundary adjustments that were not voted down are able to proceed so that that a sensible larger City of Fremantle can be created. The weekend Kwinana “no” vote has meant that Fremantle expanding south may be more challenging than it was previously but I’d say it is still worth pursuing.


Finally, I imagine the hard working, volunteer, community members of the Fremantle Forever campaign might be feeling a bit deflated after the result but I’d say to them is that this is a far better result than Fremantle would have likely got without all your hard work. Without it we would have likely been merged with Melville and Fremantle ‘s identity and focus largely lost. So a huge thanks for the time and effort you all put in. It really was still worth it and we might be calling on you again but I certainly hope not.


I’ll keep updates coming as this progresses but I am hoping that the roller-coaster of the past few weeks will calm down so we can get onto other things.

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5 Responses to So what now… a quick post poll amalgamation evaluation.

  1. RABicle says:

    I voted no cos I heard you were personally going to bulldoze Preston Point and build a 50 story high rise recycled hair bead retailer there!

  2. Stephen Wells says:

    The failure of the amalgamation process is good news for Fremantle and its people. The “positive” result was in no small part due to the efforts and constant position of Brad our Mayor.

    Good work!



  3. John Bird says:

    Nihil desperandum. That was just the warm-up. It’s not over till it’s over.

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