Westcycle – Renewed calls for safe passing distance laws

It was sad to hear of another death  of a person of a bike this week – hit from behind by a truck.

Westcycle (the peak body for cycling in WA on which I am a board member) put out this media release this week.

I hope we can get action from the state government on this soon.


There are renewed calls for the introduction of safe passing distance laws in
Western Australia following the tragic death of a 25 year old cyclist earlier this
Kaleb Smith was cycling to work along Toodyay Road when he was hit by a truck
travelling in the same direction on Monday morning.
WestCycle CEO Clint Shaw said this latest fatality once again highlights the need
for safe passing distance laws in WA.
“Since October last year we’ve had 3 cycling fatalities in WA. All were a result of a
cyclist being struck from behind by a motor vehicle.” Mr Shaw said. “It wasn’t
because cyclists were riding in large groups, riding more than 2 abreast, or
disobeying the road rules.” Mr Shaw added.
During the past month both the Tasmanian and South Australian governments
have joined Queensland and the ACT in support of safe passing distance laws.
2014 was the worst year on record for cycling fatalities in WA and Mr Shaw said
that now is the time for action if we don’t want 2015 to be the same.
“I think there’s general agreement that we need to do more to create a safer
environment for the 400,000 Western Australians that choose to ride a bike every
week” Mr Shaw said.
“A greater investment into cycling infrastructure and the introduction of safe
passing distance legislation is the best place to start.”
A Keeping Safe Passing Distances Bill has been tabled before Parliament and is
expected to be debated again in March.
For more information contact:
Clint Shaw
WestCycle CEO
Phone: (08) 6336 9688 or 0410 491 917
Email: clint.shaw@westcycle.org.au

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One Response to Westcycle – Renewed calls for safe passing distance laws

  1. Nonie Jekabsons says:

    I think this particular accident also highlights the need to reduce the volume of trucks on our roads. Rail is a more efficient transport option in many cases, and Toodyay Rd in particular is well known for it truck traffic, which has been flagged as dangerous by locals.

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