The Fly to stay in Freo

The Fly to stay in Freo

The Fly by Night Club will stay in Fremantle for at least the next 12 months after a City of Fremantle committee approved a move to the historic Victoria Hall.

In August last year, the Fly was given a March 11 deadline to move out of its current venue, the heritage-listed Artillery Drill Hall.

Artillery Drill Hall owners, the National Trust, announced Sunset Events had secured a 21-year lease to the building.

The decision left Fly by Night Club management frantically searching for a new venue and prompted them to contact the City of Fremantle to request the use of Victoria Hall.

Last night, the City of Fremantle’s strategic and general services committee approved the move, ensuring the Fly’s continued presence in the port city after more than 28 years.

They voted unanimously in favour of granting the Fly a one-year lease on Victoria Hall with the option to extend for another four years.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said “The Fly” was critical to Fremantle’s arts scene.

“It’s a tough time for arts organisations so we’re delighted to be able to offer up Victoria Hall to ensure the club will remain in Freo,” he said.

“The Fly has not only been in Fremantle for 28 years, but it has nurtured Fremantle‘s famous music scene for that time with over 150 events a year.

“We now look forward to seeing how we can make Victoria Hall work for them and for the local music scene more broadly.”

He said the Fly would join the existing users of Victoria Hall to create a community arts hub on High Street.

In the 2013-14 financial year, the Fly staged 172 events, including 16 international events, at the Artillery Drill Hall.

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2 Responses to The Fly to stay in Freo

  1. johnwv says:

    That is brilliant news

  2. Stephen Wells says:

    Brilliant news about the Fly. Congratulations to the Council. As a member of the Fly Board I need to point out that Brad our Mayor has shown great leadership to champion the move of the Fly to Victoria Hall. Well done Brad!!!!

    This is a great decision for the citizens of Fremantle, the local and broader music community and obviously for the Fly.



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