Good to see great new Freo venues taking off

It has been a real pleasure seeing some of Freo’s new venue thrive and raise the bar.

Whether it be Bathers Beach house which seems to be always close to full or the ever evolving and innovating Mantle in the East End.

Distribution Lane has been getting some good press too. Be it the fashion blogs or the West 

distribution lane

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3 Responses to Good to see great new Freo venues taking off

  1. Stephen Wells says:

    Hi Brad

    It is indeed a good thing for the vibrancy of Fremantle to see venues starting to take off. It is essential that there continues to be a mix of venues ranging from the largish commercial ones through to smaller and/or community not for profits or even pop ups all over the city.

    You mentioned the east end of town in your statement. Maybe you can now start talking about the new life of the Victoria Hall and the city’s partnership with the Fly?



  2. Emma says:

    Thanks for that info, that bar look really cool, and I just checked out that blog you linked to, what a great local blog, ta!

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