Winterfold Primary School celebrates a decade of waterwise education

I got sent this good news story that I thought would be nice to share:

Winterfold Primary School in Beaconsfield will celebrate 10 years enrolled in Water Corporation’s Waterwise Schools Program

As part of the program, teachers at the school have been educating students about the need to value, protect and conserve water resources for a decade.  It is a double celebration as the Waterwise Schools program itself celebrates 20 years in the Perth community this year.

Water Corporation General Manager Customer and Community Group, Catherine Ferrari, thanked the school for its dedication to the program.

“Students are the water users of the future, so its important schools continue to educate students about the value of water in our drying climate,” Ms Ferrari said.

“Thank you to students and teachers for your dedication to the program and I look forward to the next decade of waterwise education at Winterfold Primary School.”

Winterfold Primary School Associate Principal, Brendan Hodge, said the Waterwise Schools Program aligned with the school’s value of ‘Being Kind to the Environment’.

“Students are encouraged to make sure all taps are firmly turned off, students learn about the water cycle through the science curriculum and the school harvests rainwater in their water tanks which feed the toilets,” Mr Hodge said.

“Water is a vital component to sustaining life. Our geographical location warrants that we use and treat water in a respectful manner, and accordingly this message is conveyed throughout the Winterfold School; from the school gardener to all the students.”


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