Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor of Melbourne, shares his pearls of wisdom with Perth

For the fourth consecutive year, Melbourne was awarded the most liveable city in the world in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2014 Global Liveability Index. Perth was ranked 9th.

So it was great to hear from Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle at the Committee for Perth’s Perth in Focus luncheon today share his thoughts about why Melbourne has consistently been rated as the world’s most liveable city.

Robert Doyle’s key theme was that “Vibrant cities are great cities”

The Postcode 3000 strategy of the 1990s reintroduced a residential population into Melbourne.  When Postcode 3000 started Melbourne was a donut city with no heart with only 600 dwellings now it has 28000 and similarly 604 v over 1900 food and beverage establishments. The resulting bars, cafes, supermarkets, public art and vibrant laneways transformed Melbourne into a radically improved modern city

Melbourne now has highest ratio of street furniture in the world and has 1 million people a day walking though CBD over 20% of the population.

In summary he said three things that really stuck with me “No great city in the world is trying to bring more cars into the centre”; “Great streets make great cities”; “Perth would never be a city a liveable as Melbourne without an investment in light rail”

Some good lessons for us all.



Strong street art focus

Widen footpaths

Activate frontages

Tree planting (Melbourne does 3000 per year) Storm water harvesting Big screen for events


CCTV expansion

Council-funded flower seller to 2am

Late night diversity but earlier close for nightclubs. Led to drop in alcohol sales 11% at night and drop in incidents.


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One Response to Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor of Melbourne, shares his pearls of wisdom with Perth

  1. johnwv says:

    Here here Lord Mayor
    Who needs anymore convincing. Two more rail stations on the existing Freo line, namely Leighton and Tydeman Rd will help reduce the amount of cars coming to the city. Rails stations without car parks, next to high density villages are a part of the future. One of Freo’s problems over the past 20 years has been the development of high density villages without nearby rail stations . This needs to change. Let’s reopen Leighton Station, if McCabe St is going to be developed and relocate North Fremantle station to the hub of North Fremantle near Tydeman Rd.

    John Vodanovic

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