PUBLIC 2015 – Transforming our city


One event that I am very excited about over the next month is PUBLIC 2015 brought to us by the always extraordinary cultural not for profit group FORM.

PUBLIC 2015 is sponsored by the City of Fremantle it will bring together 50 artists, 42 walls, and 18 international change makers to shake WA up a bit.

PUBLIC 2015 has two main components:

  1. Large scale public art – Local, interstate and international artists will gather in Perth from 10-19 April 2015 to transform a cluster of distinctive urban neighbourhoods, as well as transforming some of Western Australia’s most evocative regional landscapes – check out the photos below of some of the works this week. Fremantle will get some major international street artists transforming our walls over the next few weeks so look out for this. I am very excited!
  1. A centerpiece of PUBLIC 2015 will be an international symposium exploring the value of creativity in building dynamic places. Speakers include local and international leaders in the arts, architecture, urban planning, technology and philanthropy. They have been invited to share a range of perspectives on the needs of places and communities as they transform and renew. It includes amazing speaker like Carol Colletta, Charles Landry, Enrique Peñalosa (former Mayor of Bogota who says: “Public space is for living, doing business, kissing, and playing. Its value can’t be measured with economics or mathematics; it must be felt with the soul.”) For more info check out

Get involved and check it out. It isn’t every day we get to talk about culture and the arts in this way that can really make our city.

20150327_123504 (2) 31_March Dan 31_March

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2 Responses to PUBLIC 2015 – Transforming our city

  1. The symposium will connect people, allow the citizens who are making change happen within their own communities visible to others within adjoining neighbourhoods. It has taken a good long while for us to be at this point. I remember the conversations had with the likes of Richard Florida about why Perth was not grasping the opportunities associated with its global location and time zone. The chats with Charles Leadbeater on why WA was not embracing innovation in a way that played to our strengths but was outside of the resource sector and then Al Gore baffled at the lack of government leadership on climate change to finally arrive at a place where Charles Landry implored the people of Perth to be a city that doesn’t say NO but rather yes.

    The speakers are from several professional streams and walks of life…they highlight that it takes all of us to be at the table, to really build the communities we want to live and ultimately grow old in. I hope the conversations are fruitful and we see a flowering of endless possibilities.

  2. Lionel says:

    FORM are great

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