North Fremantle bike study survey and workshop

If you ride through North Freo we’d appreciate your feedback on the cycling network in that area. It is a short survey in the lead up to a community workshop. Please complete our online survey and have your say on Fremantle’s cycling network and how it can be improved to make cycling safer and more attractive to riders of all ages and confidence levels.

The survey is part of a City-engaged study by sustainable transport consultants, Cardno. Hard copies of the survey are also available at local bicycle shops, Fremantle Town Hall and various businesses in North Fremantle.

Community consultation workshop

The City and Cardno will be hosting a workshop on Tuesday 14 April, 7.00 pm at the North Fremantle Community Centre.

To RSVP or make a suggestion on what you would like to see included in the workshop contact the City on 08 9432 9999.

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5 Responses to North Fremantle bike study survey and workshop

  1. johnwv says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on the sometimes perilous cycle to Port Beach.

  2. Stroopwafel Bakfiets says:

    Two things that would be really great:
    1. Widen the footpath on one or both bridges so two bikes can pass, or pedestrians can feel safe without maniac roadbikes going past at 50km/h
    2. Complete a proper bike path between the old Bridge and port beach. This may not seem like a big deal but once connected this creates a flawless path from freo to the CBD (once cott link their bit up properly)

  3. Lionel says:

    Connections over stirling highway to the cyclepath along the beach.

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