PUBLIC 2015 No more blank walls in Freo.

It has been wonderful today to see Freo’s blank walls turned into canvases for some of the world’s best street artists as part of FORM’s PUBLIC 2015. Below are some highlights and check out for more info.

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5 Responses to PUBLIC 2015 No more blank walls in Freo.

  1. kevin hodge says:

    I am an old Fremantle boy , started working in the wool stores in 1955 at Elders and Dalgety’s for 10 years, then 25 years on the Fremantle waterfront , so am very sad to see my home town so run down with empty shops Etc. I see a lot of parking fines were collected during a recent weekend festival , I have a theory that it was the strict parking fines that was the beginning of the decline many years ago , my parents then myself always did our shopping in Fremantle but were forced to move to shop where there is free parking and no vicious parking attendants , seems nothing has changed , so sorry to read of the thousands collected even today as my old home town dies …..

  2. Emma says:

    Oh wow, fantastic, thanks for the slide show!! Have been loving watching the giant black and white octopus develop every time I go across the river and back during the last week. Can’t wait to see all the other ones too now! So cool.

  3. Tommo East Freo says:

    I haven’t seen the others yet, but the east West design one is absolutely beautiful. If his rates are still low just borrow some cash, lock him in and paint the whole town. The amount of pinterest twitter and instagram photos will skyrocket and bring a lot of humans to town

  4. stuart wilkins says:

    To the artists who did the kraken in fremantle.

    AWESOME. Really love it.

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